Hypnosis for LDs

I’m planning to visit a hypnotist to see if he can help me have LDs. Has anyone done this yet? Does it help?

very intresting idea! please do it and report back : )

:smile: Stehphen Laberge tells about it in his first book about lucid dreaming!
A group of ppl who never had lds where hypnotised and indeed i think if i remember right 75% had that night a lucid dream.
So yes it works :cool_laugh:


I was thinking of doing same thing.Because visiting the hipnotists is way too expensive to me right now,i have sent emails to many,amny hipnotists online to check what would they say.I was also wondering maybe they could prepare a cd for me with sugestion on the end that i will rem my dream and be aware when i dream.I thought: if someone can use it to brak the habit there sure must be a way to gain one.
To my suprise results were:private,amateurs hipnotists were all happy to charge me money for such a cd,but proffesional ones ,working by psychologists centers said it would be wasting my money.They suggested me to read up more on the topic.Thats how it ended.
But im still not giving up my hopes and one day gonna try it.So if you do go to hipnotist…please post with results:)
good luck