I’ve recently taken up hypnosis sessions with a qualified hypnotist who I met through a friend. After my first session I had a bizarre lucid dream that was so different to my previous lucid dreams that it made me think there is something to Hypnosis. Today I went back to my hypnotist for the second session and he explained to me that the second session was more based on increasing lucid dream skill than the first as the first was more centered around learning and building trance technique. I’ll be updating this thread regularly as I continue to have sessions. I’ll let you all know tommorow how todays session really went :content:

Great experience and congratulations on your lucid dream.

I too experiment with hypnosis so I will be interested to hear about your progress.

Wow that sounds cool, how much does a hypnotist cost per session?

It can really vary from hypnotist to hypnotist. If you want one who’s going to be effective then you’re going to have to pay a fair amount of money. Or at least you do hear in the UK. My hypnotist charges me £35 (about $60 I think) which is a reduced rate, usually charges more than that (usually about £60/$120?) just for a single session. I only got the reduced rate as he’s a friend of a friend. I’ve got to say on none lucid dream related things he’s hypnotised me with (fun stage hypnosis things), he’s incrediably good at what he does, he’s on a national register of hypnotists and has all sorts of qualifications. You’d have to look into hypnotists in your area as I’ve no idea what the rates in America are. If you do choose to go the hypnosis route, make sure the hypnotist is highly reputable and preferably has a knowledge of what Lucid Dreaming is. Otherwise you’re pretty much wasting your money.

Anyway, updates tommorow if I can get online :cool_laugh:

Unfortunatly I didn’t have a lucid dream last night but the dreams I did have were incrediably long, detailed and realistic. The hypnosis definatly seems to have done something to my dreams. I’ll update this thread with any more developments. Here’s hoping for a lucid dream tonite.

hmmm very interesting bluedini… i am very interested in hypnosis and how it might help me have a lucid dream (i still havent had one :cry: and ive been trying for years :cry: :cry: :cry:)
ill look forward to your updates.

thank you.

Hi Bluedini !
You went to an hypnotist only to increase your LD skills ? Or your LD was only a side effect of your sessions ?

I’ve never thought about hypnosis for this type of thing, but in theory i can see how it works since the key for most people is conditioning the subconscious hypnotism is obviously a direct route.

I’m certainly interested in what effects this has for you.

I do it sometimes before sleeping…self hypnosis. to get lds.
for me it works often, not always.
Self hypnosis is fun anway…not that u must expect remote control over yourself but when you practise it you will c that its fun anyway!