MILD is said to be self hypnosis. I looked up hypnosis on the internet. It gives much better ways to hypnotise yourself.

The following experiment uses your subcontious to answer questions.

I read about, this experiment on the internet:
1.) Get a piece of cotton, about 20 cm length.
2.)Tie a ring of any sort to one end of it.
3.) Draw a circle on a bit of paper as large as you can.
4.)Draw a cross in the circle. The cross must be verticle and horizontal (+) not diagonal (X).
5.)Swing the ring up and down using the other end of the thread.
6.)Try to keep it in line with the verticle line of the cross. Ajust the position of the paper if nessasary.
7.)Now say “Yes”
8.)Swing it side to side, again keeping it inline with the cross.
9.)Now say “No”.
10.)Swing it in a circle, or diagonaly and say “I don’t know”

Now ask yourself a question. Kepp your hand still. Wait for a minuet and the ring will swing in a certain direction. Your speeking to your sub contous.

Technodreamer. :cool:

Hmm…I’ll have to try that out. It’d be nice to understand what my subconcious tells me for a change

Sounds like a simper version of the ouija board to me. Still, I’ll try it out when I have the time (although it’ll probably just end in arguement, and me and my subconscious not talking to each other for weeks).

That made me laugh out loud. How can you fight with your subconcious?