Hypnotic suggestions for lucid dreaming

I was wondering if anyone has tried hyponosis to induce LDs? I’ve been thinking about it and wanted some opinions from people who have tried it.

Ive allways wanted to try this as im convinced that done by professional can have great influence on remembering dreams and even inducing lds.
Its said to be helpfull in quiting habits so i believe it could be good for gaining new ones.Posthipnotic suggestion seems to be powerfull enough.
But sadly,its just way too expensive for me:(

I have experimented with basic hypnotism, and it really does work! i used it on a friend and made them lose memory from the last few days. It took a while for that to work, and a while to get the memory back too.
So, if things like that can be achieved, im sure something like LD can be done. Im gonna try it sometime too.
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I have practiced a little self suggestion to get lucid. This is what i did/do: Imagine that your right arm is warm, until it really is, then imagine that it’s heavy. After that warmness and heavy feeling should spread to your body and you should be in quite relaxed state. That’s when you should
start saying to yourself mentally that you will be lucid tonight etc.

Also the Suneye method has good self suggestion part in it.

ive tried that “Suneye” method, tho i thought it was called MILD, didnt work tho probably because i often take upto an hour to fall asleep… sayin the same thing to your self over and over for an hour is more than even the greatest of monks could do!
is there any tapes/videos that could be downloaded to send you off into a lucid dream?

Waking Life movie could send you straigt to lucid dream when you fall asleep after you have watched it.

Try it if you haven’t yet.

And if it doesn’t induce lucid dreams then it’s still wonderful entertaining movie that makes you think about existence and some other sneaky subjects…

there should be books on it around too. I think i’ll go down to the library and have a look around for information on dreams. If i find anything major, I’ll post it on here :cool:

okay, so i think i’m going to try the hypnotic suggestion thing but i don’t know what to put in the suggestion. should i make myself realize a dreamsign more often? should i just make myself go lucid when i see something simple like a tree? and what if this hypnotic suggestion starts interferring with my normal life? whenever i see a tree will i be able to stop myself from trying to fly off? i don’t know. :eh:

GreenFairy…no worries…posthipnotic suggestion can make you remember things better or create harmless habit.It wont make you do things unconciously or against your will.

“i used it on a friend and made them lose memory from the last few days”

If you ask me this is some dangerous stuff, and open-minded as I am, I think that this is messing with something we don’t really understand. I actually kinda feel the same way about LDing, but with hypnosis I’ve read stuff about it causing disturbing flashbacks, schizophrenia and other things (sorry no links).

Hypnotising someone is like giving a computer commands:it will try to execute them and not question you at all.
You have to choose your words carefully. If you only want it to happen whilst you dream, you should specify that. If you can understand it, then…you…should be able to.

I do my autosuggestion when I get to what I call the “second stage” of the sleep process. The first stage is when your mind suddenly becomes clear, and the second stage is when your mind is clear and the body soft and drowsy. These stages are very distinct for me.

I’ve found autosuggestion useful for dream recall (e.g. “When I wake up I remember all my dreams”) but I don’t find that it works directly for LD (e.g. “I am a lucid dreamer. When I am dreaming I realise that I am dreaming and remain in the dream-world”). Perhaps the instruction is too complex. Maybe some more indirect approach would work better, like GreenFairy suggests, to recognise dreamsigns.

I’ve used a Lucid Dreams hypnosis mp3 file from warpmymind.com (it’s free for download):

I haven’t had successful results yet, but they do mention you have to listen
and listen and listen to it.

I’ve also tried self-hypnosis but it didn’t work directly for LD yet…

Perhaps it’s as you say, I might try getting myself to recognise dreamsigns, tonight. Mind you, tonight I’ll try 2 pills of B-complex vitamins (82mg of B6 and 100mcg of B12) (one in the afternoon after a meal and another tonight after supper), and the “Holy Grail” method with the Laberge interview mp3 looping slightly louder.

I really believe I’ll get some result now…