hypnowotsit images

these hypnowhatever images (sorry i’m too tired to look up what the word is :shy: )… i don’t think i get them :sad: what are they meant to be like? and after how long?

Everyone experiences hypnogogic imagery. You probably just don’t remain concsious long enough to experience. It’s basicly flashes of images and colors on “the back of your eyelids” kinda like when you push on eyes with a finger. If you close your eyes and keep staring at the back of your eye lids you’ll see it. I guarantee it. Just give it some time.

hmmm… i’m not sure about the remaining conscious bit. i usually find it difficult to keep my eyes closed, and even more difficult to actually go to sleep!

Suffering from insomnia? If you are just google it. You’ll find some strange “cures” for insomnia.

As for staying conscious I just mean staying awake while your eyes are closed.