Gee, I just found out that I have other health problem! Inspired by my Hypoglycemia condition, I started my own forum via dm7.net/forum

Please spread the words around. If you know someone with Hypoglycemia, tell them about this forum. It’d be great. :smile: Thanks!

Kool forum! I’ll be sure to spread the word of your forum :slight_smile:

Thank you Kat! :smile: I appreciate that!

O! O! I’ll spread the word too! APREICATE ME!!! :grin: :grin: :grin: (i seriously will :content: )

Thank you Neo, I appreciate it very much! Thank you everyone! :grin:

Hey Neo, good to see you again!

yay! Good to be back :wink:
[what a total waste of a post, huh?]

:happy: lol i got hypo’s to :happy: wanne dance with me dm7 lol

If i know someone with hyp’s i tell them :wink:

Big pirate cookie for u :cool:

gasp PIRATE COOKIE!!! OHH MAN… i wish i had hypo too :sad: …er well not really but um…i mean…I WANNA PIRATE COOKIE!!! :grrr:

[edit] THIS IS MY 300th POST! YAY :partying_face:

Easy there Neo !!!..

I apoligize, jealousy has gotten the better of me yet again…

Hi Kat lol long time not seen how are you friend?
Hope fine!

GreetzZZZzzzz Jeffo

Jeff: Hi to u too! ^^ …I’ve been ok.Hope u have to ^^
Neo: LoL! Dream on…

:smile: I am fine Kat , hope i see u sometime in chat again :happy:

Till then, all the best :wink:

I hope to see u too eventually in the chatroom!
BTW NEo: Congrats on your 300th post :slight_smile:

Neo, congrats on your 300th post… uh I better watch out… he’s going to beat me again! LOL!


Jeff… hehehehe, DM7 goes out and dances like a crazy woman. :rofl:

Neo, congrats on your 300th post… uh I better watch out… he’s going to beat me again! LOL!

oh yeah, the Time of Neo is upon us…MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA :eek:

You can’t beat me! LOL! I’m going to be forum’s world’s biggest freak. :wink:

:smile: Hi Friend Dm7 alles goed?

I wonder what percentage of all ppl suffer from hypoglycemia Dm7?
Any idea?

So you like dancing to lol , big hug :wink:


Jeff, I don’t know. I wonder too.

Umm… anyone know how many people suffers from Hypoglycemia?