I "almost" become lucid most nights now...

I have reached a very exciting stage in my “lucid dreaming career” now, because I seem to become so aware in most of my dreams nowadays that I start playing with the thought that I could be dreaming, but I always dismiss it as “hmph, this feel so real so it must be reality” after a few seconds, and I’m always amazed by how convincing they felt when I wake up in the morning.
I was wondering what I could do to reach the next stage as quickly as possible, where I actually do become lucid most nights?
Should I just keep practicing Lucid Living and critical thinking and whatnot for a few days longer?

It sounds like you are on the right path! From reading a lot of DJs on this site, I have the impression that this kind of dreams usually come a few days or a couple of weeks before real lucid dreams.

Do you usually RC? Maybe it could help to make it a habit?

Well, my motivation for lucid dreaming is very hard to estimate. :tongue:
I have lucid dreaming “on the brain” very often, and I sometimes practice lucid living but tend to forget about it rather quickly, and I always start thinking about lucid dreaming when I go to sleep and always try to remember the dreams in my head when I wake up (I should be keeping a Dream Journal, though :tongue:).
But I can’t really say I am 100% motivated in any specific category, it’s very scattered.

I don’t usually do Reality Checks that often, I might start doing them for some time now. :content:
I just have to make sure that I take them seriously while I do them. :tongue:

But yeah, the fact that my dreams have always felt extremely realistic when I have questioned them has definitely motivated me, they have really made me realize that one could be dreaming no matter how realistic everything feels at that moment.