I always fall asleep too early every time I try to WILD

The method I am trying to use is this:

I get up after 5 hours of sleep and I stay up for about 10 minutes. Then I do the classic method where you count backwards from 100. Well, I get to about 80, and then I lose count, and then I fall asleep while counting. I can never get down to even 50, let alone 1. This is really annoying me. If I get 7 hours sleep, I am too awake to fall asleep again, and if it’s 5 I can’t even stay awake.

Does anyone know anything that could help me?

sleep 6 hours? :tongue: for me how long I stay up has a bigger influence than how long I slept… I think. So maybe you can see what happens when you stay up for 15 minutes. If you still fall asleep too soon, try 20. It may take some trial and error to find what times work best for you! Good luck.

Do you sleep on your back doing this?

@Catt Yes I am on my back while doing this.

@mattias I will try for 20 minutes next time. Thank you.