I always wake up randomly after 1 or 2 hours of sleep

Hey there,last month I discovered lucid dreaming and i started writing down my dreams,after like 2 weeks of doing that I wasn’t able to sleep like I used to (6-8 hours without waking up),now this is very annoying because i can’t even try WBTB and I would really like to,also I am often tired,so please if anyone knows what this is and how can I stop it I would really really really appreciate it , thanks !

It’s normal to wake up for a short time after a cycle, usually you just fall asleep so quick that you don’t remember these. I think everyone becomes more aware and alert in these short awakenings when trying to LD. My first cycle ends around 2h too. I just write down my dreams and continue dreaming. When I wake up after 3-4h of sleep then I get up for WBTB.

Example, just for clarity

thank you very much

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Before it happened to me too like alot of times, once i woke up like 5 times in one night lol just be pactient it would go away :smile:

thanks,I’m happy to hear it :smile:

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You can either ignore it or use it in you advantage. When I was on bad DR and when I would have this constant awakenings through the night no matter the reason my DR was boosted because every time I would wake up I would bring some wakefulness in my mind. And each and every time my DR would be boosted and that would lead to lucid dreams.

Don’t fight it, embrace it.

thank you very much for this advice