I am a flawless lucid dreamer

I am a flawless lucid dreamer,

lucid dreams come to me effortlessly.

Every night I am lucid for as long as I wish, with perfect clarity of consciousness to carry out my desires, goals, ambition, etc, ad infinitum.

feel the power of these words, they are true, we are that “I”< we are that lucid dreamer, the power of lucidity comes in convincing ourselves that these thoughts ARE the plain and simple truth.

Firmly impressing these and other notions inside our minds, causes it to be so. It is that easy.

Ask :
are these thoughts already true, or do I need to align with them and make them so >

If , the latter, ask :
how long shall I affirm these and similar thoughts ?

Whatever answer comes is the SC communi8cating with you, so immediately, follow that, and you shall be disciplined in lucidity. What is higher than confidence and certainty ? It dispels all calamity!

Should you feel doubt or uninspiration then that is double more the reason to immediately take to the affirmations, that is, before going to bed.

Say them with conviction knowing that you are Commander and Chief of your mind.

Ask your mind ;
how shall I perfect lucidity ? work with the first thing that comes into it, and see if that idea holds true.

I like it :content:. It’s so simple, and yet as we discover so many times it’s the simple things that we overlook all too easily.

Good hints :smile: I have a feeling I am getting closer to what you describe. I had my first LD about a year ago and in a year i will probably be way better then I am today!

The problem with this technique is that people who fail much at LDs have hard believing themselves. If they say “I will have an LD tonight” they most likely wont believe that since they have failed so much already. I can almost say “I will have an LD tonight” and succeed but if I say that and fail it will make the next time harder i believe, so I just let them come to me naturally :smile: Sometimes i get 0 in 2 weeks, but recently i had LDs 4 nights in a row.