I am a Lucid Dreamer: Commanding the Subconscious Mind

Ben, thanks for your answers :wink:

I’ll give it some practice. I’ve been thinking about “I am conscious in my dreams” or “I am lucid in my dreams”. If that doesn’t work I’ll try something more specific.

I belive that works.I KNOW it works.How can you do something that you do not want?

I am Fawn and my dreams are lucid!

This is a really great post, Ben! I think the fact that you mentioned we can control if we have lucid dreams or not makes this idea so inspiring. I really want to take into concideration all the wise words I’ve just read as I’m falling asleep tonight, and just finally try working on becoming one with my subconcious. I would certainly like to share any results, so I’ll be posting back soon. Happy dreaming everyone! :content:

I used this method for the past few nights…no lucids yet, but i have remembered more and more dreams each night extremly vividly, now if i can get my sleep schedule back on track i KNOW i am close to a lucid!!

…oh ya, I am Matt and I am a Lucid Dreamer and will remember all my dreams

Awesome! Great talk, agreed with “want to want” part.

I am Oleg and my Dreams are Lucid!

This is an awesome guide! I’m going try this tech tonight! So… I AM Kevin (Vampirism45 isn’t my real name of course :razz:) and I AM a Lucid Dreamer, and therefore I AM going to have a lucid dream tonight.

I’m an adventurer, an explorer, and a Lucid dreamer.

Bendrummin I am grateful for your post,

before i read all of it I want to contribute someting very important,

all of our residual self image is stored in sensing that this world and our self is real,
in altered states of perception we are free to re-create ourselves,

and i would like to discuss how to stay in that state, a childhood state of purity where everything is new and there is nothing to learn but what we choose to experience,

i think it has a lot to do with alpha/theta brainwaves , meditation, yoga,

if you think about the matrix where morpheus is taking neo for a walk in the city and he keeps running into people

, when we go into the world we are taught how to suppress parts of ourselves, even usually told DREAMS AREN’T REAL, which means that its impossible to be a lucid dreamer and explore a very real reality we go to every night until we change our perceptions about what dreams are


pose pragmatic solutions in order to be in a “free mind” so that we can choose to experience reality the way we wish :
vegan diet ( high bliss, high vibration foods, as we are what we eat )
hypnosis, meditation, tai chi,
philosophy, deep thinking, orgone, crystals,

lucid living

our next phase of evolution will come quickly , and will be about reclaiming our blissfulness and happiness, it will involve around veganism, incredibly high vibration nutrition, and a huge array of healing arts, a renaissance

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Hey, watch your words :grin:

Anyway…yeah, I knew this, I read it in NLP related books and articles.Thanks for the post anyways.

Your subconscious mind is more powerful than most people think.
Of course, mattias, no limits, as I already said somewhere else :tongue:

Wording is important, because your subconscious mind takes no negations.
If you say ‘‘I am not a lucid dreamer’’, it’s like you said ‘‘I am a lucid dreamer.’’

Or, if you say ‘‘I will no longer have normal dreams’’, it’s like you said ‘‘I will have normal dreams’’.

Like Ben said, don’t say ‘‘will’’, say ‘‘am’’ (all tho I noticed you used ‘‘am going to’’, which is similar to ‘‘will’’, eh?).

If you say something in future tense, who knows when it could happen, but…
If you say something in present simple tense, it is to become the present.I AM.[/color]


"(all tho I noticed you used ‘‘am going to’’, which is similar to ‘‘will’’, eh?).

If you say something in future tense, who knows when it could happen, but… "
and whats about “i am going… tonight”? Thats present or a clear point in the future. Or?

Now that I reread my post and then read yours, it appears I had forgot about what I wrote there. :shy:

No big deal though, I got the idea of what it was telling me and successfully used it for one night, however. It seemed to have been totally random, my focus unfortunately, isn’t really devoted to lucid dreaming and on most nights, I’d be lucky to even remember a normal dream.

I understand the idea of that it is simply your will and subconscious, but I do have a hard time really comprehending the implications of such things, it is hard for me to attempt, in a way, I don’t know how to make anything easier.

I guess it was a fluke that one night when I posted that, that is what it seems like anyway, because I’m having no luck otherwise. :sad:

This really works…I almost had a lucid dream but i got to excited :cry:

I usually have good results with auto-suggestion, but using “I AM” really helps! Like A LOT! :grin:

thanks for this great post.
one thing i hear in this is that it’s important to believe what i’m saying;
that is as important as the words themselves
hidden doubts will sabotage my efforts.
i get it…

That’s a good point, Lord Antares. Personally, I don’t see it as a conflict for myself; however, if it seems like something that doesn’t specifically get the point accross to your subconscious (which it doesn’t since you mentioned it), I encourage you to avoid “am going to” and anything relating to future tense.

I’m glad to hear all of the positive feedback from everybody. I do hope it can help you out in more ways than just lucid dreaming–I know it has for me!

Well, I always use the present simple tense so that’s no problem…I just mentioned :wink:

Amazing post. I feel like this is going to help me come out of my 2-4 year lucid dreaming drought.

No. This post will get me out of the drought.

Mind over matter.


this is my first posting in this forum and i hope I can add some useful things to this topic! :smile:

I’m very happy about your post, Ben! :smile: It gives me many stuff to think about and to influence my life. I feel, it is very useful to me.

Perhaps I can add some personal thoughts, in which I relate to some previous posts:

A concept which I think is very useful to deal with, is “truth”. You can “aks for too much”, if this, what you are asking for, is completely unrealistic. For example, you might say “I invent a time-machine.” If you say so, this might be a useful illusion and helps you to learn many things about physics and to become a good physician, but it is an illusion and therefore a bad suggestion in my eyes. But if you say “I am a great physician”, then you are right, because potentially you are a good physician. It lies in your possibilities. Maybe you don’t have enough time and motivation to advance your abilities and to overcome possible resistances and maybe, you doesn’t win the nobelprice and doesn’t become professor (“great” is a relative word!), but this doesn’t change my conclusion.
And because, we all have the possibilities to have extremly vivid and lucid dreams, we have extremly and lucid dreams. The only thing, we must do, we must accept that this is true! :smile:
If you have underconcsious doubts, don’t worry about it! Say to you “I have no doubts.” This is the truth. And the truth doesn’t need force. If you know something is true, your doubts will disappear automatically. Maybe there will be some anxious splits of thoughts, but they aren’t important, they are meaningless.

PS: I’m Mirko and I have extremly vivid und lucid dreams.

wahaha Ben, thank you, you made me break my bad luck in having LD, which was simply, the fact that I forgot that autosuggestion works the best for me !!!

With those simple words, I am going to have a lucid dream during this nap, I made it ^^ First of course I was falling asleep, then I noticed this and decided to repeat the mantra, and it worked ! Thanks a lot !!

What the hell?

I am Mirko :happy: