I am a new lucid dreamer and need help!

Hey so I am very bew to lucid dreaming. I just had my first one last might sort of… I used the C-WILD technique by waking up after 5-6 hours and counting to 100 and saying “i am dreaming” between each number. I was able to get into a dream and new I was dreaming. After what felt like a few minutes I suddenly woke up and I dont know why. I couldnt get back into the dream so I went to bed for real. Someone please help me or tell me why I woke up after so little time.

WILD is definitely not the best technique for beginners, as it is super difficult. I suggest MILD, or WBTB.

WILD and C-WILD are different techniques, C-WILD doesn’t involve meditating etc. like WILD does and C-WILD kind of includes WBTB, depending on how long it takes to count to 100.

Anyway, first lucid dreams tend to last a few seconds (varies from person to person) so if yours lasted a few minutes then that’s great. Since you achieved lucidity using C-WILD I’d recommend that you stick with that technique and hopefully you’ll have more lucid dreams.

WILD is the hardest?? Thats interesting because I feel like its the easiest to do. Even easier than WBTB… MILD sounds to me like it will never work. Can somebody give me a good mantra and possibly explain how to easily do MILD? Thanks so much!

I would also like to point out that I have only tried to LD one time and it was with CWILD and it worked the first time, but only for a few minutes. I wonder if I got really lucky or if I am just good at the technique.


WILD is definitely one of the harder techniques for a beginner. You can keep trying it if you like, but I would suggest WBTB or SSILD methods. I think they are the easier in terms of attaining lucid dreams.

Which would you reccomend?? They both sound pretty much the same…

SSILD and WILD are similar, though not the same. As for WBTB, SSILD is one of it’s techniques. WBTB itself isn’t a method, but there are many methods that require it. You can find the SSILD tutorial here. I have been using SSILD for three nights now and it increases vividness IMMENSELY. It is also a lot easier than WILD. There are also many success stories from beginner lucid dreamers, which you will just NOT see from WILD.

I tried SSILD but had no luck. The cycle is a little bit weird. Could somebody maybe clarify it? Or even reccommend a different technique? Thanks