"I am always dreaming"

I Lucid Dream very often when I do it at the right times and have even begun LDing at night. I have come up with a simple RC for myself that I think can work for MANY people, and I think it is the reason for my high increase in LDs. Here it goes.
Start telling yourself that you will always be dreaming, that way you wont have to question yourself in the dream, you are ALWAYS dreaming. If you are not dreaming, you will know it NO MATTER WHAT, there will be no question. I had many LDs the other day, many of which faded to another LD of me in my bed, at which point most would have thought they were now in reality but I wasn’t positive so I KNEW that I was dreaming. I kept dreaming of this “waking up” and finally did wake up and it was MUCh different and obviously there was no question as to whether it was a dream. Some people that are very detatched from reality might not want to try this, but I think it has many possibilities.

What do you mean by that? Are you sure you know what LDing means?

Yes I have been Lucid Dreaming for about 2 years now an have gotten much better at it. What I meant was when I do it at the right times (such as morning and afternoon naps) I almost always LD, but now that I have been trying to things and doing it for awhile I am have bgun doing it during my normal night sleep, not often but it happened the other night and seems as though i am on a pattern of more and more LDs.

That’s an interesting idea, Monk.

Very cool. And what of this?

“Positive” as in “sure, certain, definate”?

That’s called “false awakening” here, or FA.

By positive i meant sure and definite. I think my mind has begun to do this so much that before I even begin comtemplating whether or not I am dreaming I go into lucidity because I know that if I have to question myself, there is no question about it. This now makes me wonder that because I go into luciditity before even finsihing the contemplation if this has anything to do with associative memory (pavlov’s dog). Does my unconcious now know that every time I have this contemplation I should become lucid ? If this is what is now occuring then I think that this method will be much more helpful then I originally thought, if this is true then every time you go lucid due to asking yourself this question then you are making it that much easier for yourself to become lucid the next time. If this is too confusing I would be glad to clear anything up.

Yes, the association would be reinforced every time this technique works, but it would also be weakened every time you questioned yourself in real life. If anybody wants to move from their other technique to this one, I would recommend no reality checks at all for a few days before you start to try and make this association.

Am I right in thinking that you say to yourself stuff like “If I question my reality, I am dreaming” through the day?

I have never really said anything like that. The main way I induce this technique is right before I go to sleep for a nap. I tell my self everytime that No matter what I will be dreaming, if I am awake I will be sure of it and not have to worry about doing something stupid. Saying “If I question my reality, I am dreaming” is good a good phrase to describe this method, but if you question whether reality IS actually reality then I do not support it, but I would think that most people here agree the reality is in fact reality.

What do I do if I’m awake but not sure about it then? :confused:

Then you are in trouble and should seek psychiatric help

I picked up Stephen Laberge’s book “Exploring the world of Lucid Dreaming” and as I was read just now I came across this quote:

“Anytime you find yourself seriously suspecting you are dreaming, you probably are!”

So much for my original idea, but this has been a great way for me to become lucid without any other techniques.

Monk: That’s funny… you’re re-inventing this technique what I have discovered one year ago, but that’s good! Keep doing it. Not many people can really experiment and re-invent the techniques on their own!

And yes I really do understand what you mean. It’s to convience our brain that we’re ALWAYS dreaming. I got lucid many times because of that. I also practice LL (Lucid Living). It adds so much to that technique because I’m always lucid so that way, I wake up lucid in my dream and sleep lucid. lol. Eventually I get faguied from being lucid so much that I just let it go. I’ll experiment with that technique again since I’m still having a small lucid drought here. Self-hypnosis also helps with that technique. I self-hypnosis few nights to refresh my brain about that I’m ALWAYS dreaming. It works very well.

Congrats for discovering this technique. :smile: Keep it up!

Then you are in trouble and should seek psychiatric help

I did and the shrink reckons I’m crazy. But what would he know, he’s crazy too! :bored: