I am desperate to lucid dream

OK i didnt have a lucid dream for about 5-6 months now. I am literally willing to do anything to have a lucid dream. I tried MILD for about 3 days and it didnt work. I tried WILD for about 2 days and no success. Im also doing RC’s daily but still NO SUCCESS. PLZ som1 help me lol :help: :help: :help:

I’m in the same boat with you. Is your recall good? Are you keeping a DJ?

uhh idk kinda when i have time i right whatever i remember

Don’t worry ld411any people suffer dry spells. Keeping a dream journal is a great helper. Also, many people attempt the methods you described for weeks without a lucid dream. The main thing you need is patience. Just keep trying and I’m sure you’ll get a lucid dream ! :happy:

Also, could you please use proper spelling and grammar? Chatspeak and unnecessary “lols” are a pet peeve of mine. :wink:

Being “desperate” to have an LD is not going to help you have them. As has been said before, you can’t want it “too much”. I know the definition of that is kind of vague, but “desperate” is probably in that ballpark :wink:. My advice would be to just chill out and not practice LD techniques for a week or so and see what happens. I’ve seen quite a few cases where doing just that ends a dry spell.

DJ till you get one. Nuff said.

You’re not going to get results instantly; three days isn’t long enough for a new LDer to successfully use a method to get a LD. Heck, even the pros can’t get one every night. Also remember there are LD Dry Spells (i’m in one at the moment) where you simply will not LD.

Keep at it a bit more, and it’ll come to you

Thank you guys for all the advice and tips! :grin:

I never have lucid dreams when ‘trying to have them’. It always comes the day after I’ve stopped practicing. Rather expensive product actually - One week of intense training would result in one lucid dream the day after I stop.

Good for you MovieMe :grin:

Jeez, spare me the sarcasm, I was giving you a tip; Try taking a break from the ‘lucid practicing’ and see if u have one.

What you could do is stay up for two days and then do the FILD technique. I’m staying up tonight and working all day tomorrow, so I’ll be dead tired which is a perfect time to do the FILD technique! I’ll report back Sunday.

There is no need, he has a post in the crystal topic in pathways saying he has now had a vivid LD.
congrats ld411 :thumbs:

Yea thanks moogle…that crystal is great

Sorry guys, I only stayed up until Midnight at school because I had work this morning. No lucids. :sad:

Once i ‘gave up’ i got my first LD a week later.