I Am In A Quite Tough Situation...

My problem is that I nearly can’t sleep. The time of falling asleep differs from time to time, but usually 2 hours and longer. I tried to MILD, but I couldn’t wake up with my eyes closed to remember my dreams. Just, when I wake up, my memory gets ‘back to life’ about 5 secs later, so I can’t develop any wake-up-habits then. WBTB hasn’t given a result for more than month. While trying to WILD i give up after half an hour. All this happens no matter that I try to relax and stress out before sleep
Please, help somehow! I sure would like to discover LDing :smile:

I would say try doing some RC, but otherwise the best thing for you to do may be to lay off of trying to get a LD for a little while. Sometimes it makes it easier when you come back to trying again.