yo guys its me superdud3 I think I may have gotten the best idea for lucid dreams ever, I recently went to see iron man and just the way the suit looks inspires one to think of the many things they could add to the suit um im kinda short on explanations as to what to do with said suit and thats where this post comes in :grin:. I’m wana hear about other peoples ideas of what they could do and or add to the suit. so Lets Hear Those Ideas. :content:


A huuuuuge gun that pops out a flag that says BAM to scare the poop out of DC pants. Nice?

those are some good ideas guys i like the proton cannon i was thinking of adding somthing, its from “Ulriviolet” the movie you know her compact space devises on her hands that materialized weapons for her well just imagine that on iron mans suit. i think it may be a good idea but keep your guys ideas coming.


“yo guys it’s me superdud3”

Like we all know who you are or something. lol.

So I don’t understand - you want to lucid dream about adding features to Iron Man’s suit?

Plasma cannon? :wink:

:rofl: That would be hilarious!! And kind of mean too.

lol some more good ideas guys and to answer some of your questions this post is to hear some of your guy’s ideas about what you would add to a suit like iron mans in a lucid dream. so lets keep those ideas going :content:

Who needs an Iron Man suit when you’re “God”? :wink:

Yes, good point there, Ethidios… Let’s say you can add God to an Iron Mans suit, that does it:)
Just add anything you need at the moment…

He’s right why the crap would you even want a iron man suit, you can do anything you want without the suit…

Predaliendog: Purely for the coolness factor of it. points to avatar I use that suit all the time in NDs and in one of my LDs. If you’re looking for ideas for your own suit superdud3 you can borrow some from my own.

Shield generators (emitted from palms) -self explanatory.

Area suppressant device (mounted on back) -fires white needles of energy that curve around to strike targets in front of me, can fire hundreds of these per second.

Advanced scanners (helmet) -careful with these, I once had a dream where my scanners were picking up incoming weapons fire and helpfully painted a large red target marker over each and every bullet or missile there, totally obscuring my vision. :tongue:

Perhaps a person is not an advanced LDer.

I can’t fly in LDs by myself. I have to put on rocket shoes, or take a pill that grants me flying powers.

The suit would give you a reason to believe you can fly, or that you can shoot missiles from your hands.

lol chainsaw arms!!! lmao forget any other type of weapon just relplace everything with some sort of theme like chainsaws or maybe even rubber chickens or sporks lol I’m definitley going to do that tonight.

Hehe, X-Ray Vision. If ya know what I mean. :wink:

wow thanks for the ideas guys i kinda had a few myself i was thinking of a laser guided plasma cannon kinda like predators :grin: and then of course you gota have the fusion gernades that erase all matter within a 10 foot radius :cool: but personaly i like the heads up display idea that Mecha came up with. But other than that thanks agian for the ideas and support of my topic :content: