I am looking for L dreamer to correspond with

I don’t personally know anyone who can dream lucid so I thought that it would be good to have at least a pen friend. Everyone is welcomed:)

In this forum you have a lot off pen-friends isn’t it? :content:

yes that’s right but I don’t mean the forum. I want to correspond with someone via e-mails.

The best way to find someone to keep in touch with is to
post more often here
pm members…see who you get on with
then take it from there :wiske:

Why not?

PM me and will give each other e-mails etc.

Perhaps you´d like a mixture of forum and penfriend?


These are small groups (4-10 persons) sharing dreamjournals and doing projects together


Hah i thought theres only one Apollo in Poland:)O well…
Anyways…im not too good with emails but if its ok for you i can be often found also on polish chat:
www.polchat.pl and then you go to the room “przystanek”.After 10pm usually,till late:)
take care:)

thanks for all replies:)