I am psychokinetic

I am psychokinetic. Partly at least. I can influence things in RL with my mind alone. I’ve just decided to post about it here, since I just feel like sharing all my weird experiences in psychokinesis. I’ve managed to get things to turn on with my mind alone. One day, I decided to go on my computer, and I was about a few rooms away. Just as I entered my room, my computer suddenly turned on for no apparent reason.
I’ve also found that I can somehow communicate with animals. For instance, one time, I simply commanded my cat to walk up to me with my mind for some reason. He walked up to me. :eek: I can also sense presences sometimes. Even if a person is completely obscured from my view and I cannot hear him coming, I will know who he is before he comes into view. I also seem to have precognitive abilities. This occasionally happens. A thought will simply enter my mind, and that thought will come true. For instance, one day while I was standing in the lunch line, I thought Someone will ask me for a quarter. And sure enough, just 2 minutes later, someone walked up and asked me for a quarter. Has anyone had similar experiences? I just want to make sure I’m not the only one that experiences this.

Cool, Ive had a few expirances like that allso, but for me the univers seems to do it for me instead of me doing it. Meaning that I just connect alot of weird coincidences. I dont think its the same thing, but it happned today. I was watching a T.V. program about Rock n roll greatest moments, or something, and they were talking about the time when Elvis Presley shook hands with President Nixon. Just then I changed the channal, and went to the Sitcom “King of Queens”, and Aurthor was hanging a picture up with Elvis Presley shaking hands with Nixon the very pic they were just talking about 5 secounds ago.

Thats sooooo cool!

Edit: and yes, this is a true story.

I have been and probably will always be endlessly skeptical about psychokinesis, but I might buy into precog. There are specific instances in which I know exactlywhat will happen. For instance, on one occasion I went in to work (back when I sold electronics), thought “someone is going to ask me about the contrast ratio on this TV.” I didn’t know what it was off the top of my head, so I took a look strictly for some giggles. Not five minutes later someone came in and asked me about the contrast ration on that TV. Coincidence? Probably :razz:.

This happened in my dreams a lot… my secondary thought would tell me something would happen in my dreams… or more like it was planning out the dreams while I was a little puppet.

But in waking life I’ve had few experiences. They’re barely worth mentioning… except this one.

Back when the wii was out for about a year, my dad went out grocery shopping. When he came home, I had to help get the groceries out of the car. As I was walking towards the car I was thinking, “Man, it’d be so cool if he got a wii!” I don’t know where this thought came from, I knew that the odds of him just randomly getting a wii were very very small. Then, as I got them out, I saw the white wii box! I told my sister, and she said that she was thinking the exact same thing!

thts badass lol i wish i could do that xD

I have a simular story. I had a dream a few nights before Christmas that my parents got me a Mazzy star C.D. Now my parents didnt even know that I liked Mazzy star, and I never told them. So the chances of me getting a Mazzy star C.D. were slim to none, but I got up Christmas morning, and looked in my stocking, and there was a Batman soundtrack, and it had a Mazzy star song on it. I dont know if Ive told this story before, but this ones a cool one so Ill tell it again. I was talking to my friend about a theory I had about predicting a randomly chosen playing card. I told him that If you look at the clock the hour hand will tell you which card it will be, and if you get curious about the time look at the clock, and remmber the time. I allso had it broke down into the suit of the card by which clock you looked at. If you look at a hand clock which are mostly black numbers the card would be a spade, or club. If you look at a alarm clock the suit would be a diomond, or heart. So sence we were in the bed room I looked at the alarm clock, and it was about 7 15, so we knew it would be eather a heart, or diamond. I cant remmber how we came up with it being a diamond. I think it had something to do with which quarter of the hour it was, but anyway we decided it to be a 7 of diamonds. So my friend picks up a random card from the middle of the deck, and sure enough it was a 7 of diamonds.
that was pretty cool, but Ive done this three times, and every time it has hit the card. I did it the other week. I looked at the clock, and it was about 8:30, so sence a spade would be pointing toward the twelve the oposite would be a club pointing toward the 6 so I picked up a card, and it was an 8 of clubs. So give it a try… Next time you get curious for the time remmber the time, and go pick a random card, and see what happens.

Vampirism45 - would you be interested in doing some experiments to test these abilities? For example:

To start to test this you could do the following experiment. For 5 days you could go to your cat 6 times a day. For 3 of these times you should try to summon the cat to you with your mind, wait for 5 seconds and see if it comes to you. For the other 3 times stand there for 5 seconds but think about something completely different. Then if you record whether or not the cat has come to you on each occasion we can do a statistical test to see if there’s any difference between when you were trying to summon the cat and when you weren’t.

If there is a statiscal difference then you could perform a further experiment whereby you only try to summon your cat when it is looking the other way. This would be more difficult to perform but would show whether you were summoning the cat with your mind or some unconscious body movement

[EDIT] If the first test doesn’t find any statistical difference it may be that you do have the ability but that it occurs very rarely. In this case a much longer length of experiment (say 50 days) would be needed.

I wouldn’t want to jump to conclusions, however I will say that we visited a psychic fair, and one did home visits where you can invite friends and whatnot. We had her come over for a bit and I had a reading, but she also had these little coloured stones on a thin chain that we could take. They were all little colours but one stood out to me in particular, so I took one. They weren’t very expensive so I didn’t mind.

When I first got it, I held it up by the end of the chain and looked at the stone. After a while I noticed it was swinging despite my hand keeping it perfectly still. It wasn’t an exaggeratedly wide swing, but I just got curious and concentrated on it, and it seemed to eventually rotate and then swing to change direction. I’ve tried to be skeptical about it, like having something (or someone) keep my fist completely still so I don’t swing it by mistake, but I always seem to be able to make the stone move as long as I am touching the other end of the chain.

I don’t know if this is important or not, but also just seeing it makes me feel good. If the above is true that it really is my mind moving it, then that makes me feel even more empowered. But the thing to note is this the only object that I can do this with.

Hmm, I have a lot of experience about Telekinesis, telepathy and precog abilities.

Ive tried to master telekinesis, but its a rather hard ability, I still cant affect objects except very small ones and just some decimeters if Im lucky, and I just can do it when Im focused.

About precog-abilities; Ive had lot of them lately, just minor things however :tongue:

And we used to have a telekinesis thread before the Spiritual Corner went boom.

I think most people experience things like this, some more frequently than others. I’ve spoken quite a few people about it, some report one or two things, other people a handful.

For the most part it’s little things, like having my playlist on shuffle, and having the song I want to play come on when I want them too. My mother would turn on the radio in the car without me asking outloud, tell me what was for dinner without me asking outloud, etc. For a while when I was younger I was afraid that mom could read my mind, haha. I think it’s just intuition and out subconscious picking up of body language. I know I do that to people quite frequently, but never knowingly until they state that I must have “read their mind”.

As for precog, it’s all fun and games until you don’t want to know anymore.

I believe this is caused by micro-movements in the muscles of your body. Try looking it up. I have a pendulum, and love using it… but it’s one of the tools that I really find to be inaccurate. And since you say it turned the direction you wanted it to, I believe this is the reasoning even more so.

I made absolutely sure that my hand was still before doing anything, otherwise yes I would admit that I might be swinging it subconsciously.


I never thought about it that way, I just thought about it as reading my mind :tongue:
And not just my mom.

One time I was driving in a car and just when I thought it was windy and I want the window closed, my friend’s aunt asked me if she should close the window.

There are A LOT of examples, I just can’t remember right now.

Women are strange creatures. : 3

You wouldn’t notice that it’s moving at all, you would think your hand is completely still.

This doesn’t mean that pendulums don’t work. If your subconscious is what causes the movement in the pendulum, then it’s your subconscious and intuition that is answering any questions you have.

It’s the same idea with dousing rods.

haha ive had all that stuff… though the psychic abilitys seem sketchy but i don’t doubt the possibilitys. i sense people too and when i was on muhroos i believe i was getting inside the mind of a cat in the room, even sober i can share bonds like that…were all animals remember.

one day when i was working a thought entered my mind, i thought about having to save a baby from a pile of cans crushing him/her"
the next day it happened though it was another shopper that saved the baby.

maybe that was precog. would it have happened if i didnt think of it? i don’t believe in coincidences…

Alright… I guess I’ll have to look more into it. Kinda disappointed if that’s true though, if you know what I mean.

I’ve had another precognitive experience today, so I thought I might post it here. I was in the school library, and decided to do the breathing RC. But then I thought, “What if one of my friends see me?” I looked around, but I saw none of my friends, do I had no idea of why I thought that, and I picked a random seat. I didn’t notice it at first, but my friend was sitting there right across from me! I didn’t recognize him because he had his head down.

C’mon man, stop deluding yourself. The fact that you were self-conscious and then saw your friend at school does not mean you have psychic powers! It’s called coincedence. I’m sure many times you’ve thought something and it turned out to happen soon after, but how many more times have you thought something and it didn’t happen? I’m guessing many many more times.

It’s a shame that so many people on this board seem to be a bit wacko in their supernatural beliefs, because it contributes to LDing seeming mystical like OOBEs or telekinesis. Lucid Dreaming is real and should be studied by real academic science, but it’s not and that frustrates me.

Coincidences don’t exist. People only call things coincidences because they are afraid of the truth. For instance, if you saw a complete stranger following you one day, and then saw him following you the next day, would you call it a coincidence? Of course you would, because you would be afraid of the truth that the stranger is actually following you. Therefore, I don’t believe that those were coincidences at all, because coincidences don’t exist, and if you still do believe in coincidences, then let me tell you this: Coincidences can only stack so high before you are forced to accept the truth. Which is exactly what happened to me.

The only way you could deny the existence of coincidence and make any sense is if you believed that God was controlling our destinies, so everything is for a reason. If you believe in that, I doubt there’s much point in me trying to convince you otherwise.

Believe me, if the truth was that I had psychic powers, I would only be too happy to accept it! I’d be thrilled, not afraid. But you are the one who is afraid to accept the truth that there are coincidences, and that you’re not special or psychokinetic, you’re just like everyone else.

When you worried that one of your friends might see you doing a RC, you’re right that there was a reason you thought this. But it’s got nothing to do with precognition, it’s because this was a completely rational thing to worry about! There is a good chance that one of your friends might be around, and you were right to worry it turned out.

Also, I was thinking, if psychic powers did exist at any level, they would be much more prevalent and effective among us. This is because psychic powers would clearly be a reproductive advantage, those with psychic powers would survive and evolution would lead to them becoming stronger. The fact that the people that claim to have them now, can’t manage to predict anything relevant, or test them to any scientific reliability shows that they don’t exist at all.