I am starting a lucid dreamteam. (more explained on message)

hey guys wish i had post my question here :razz:
altho im not that active with all of it yet like you guys.
heard about ld couple days ago
anyways am kinda inerested ^^ so ill keep an eye on here too if you dont mind :smile:

Hey, I think I got close last night with WILD! My mind was distracted by a daydream for a little bit. Then I snapped out of it to see a white mask-like thing before my closed eyes, but it disappeared a second after I noticed it. I think it was HI. This has happened to me twice before, quite a long time ago.

I just need to figure out how to get the images to not disappear.

i am interested.
currently i am trying to improve my dream recall.
Do you think just keep using a DJ will help?


Yes it will. Even if it’s just a fragment, write it down.

Not too bad shapeshifter, looks like you set this one up on a roll Gratz to you all and good luck, sometimes the best thing for lucid dreaming is having others to lean on when you need the help and to share your experiences with knowing they will be as passionate as you are.

Keep it up

Hey guys id love to join.

I currently using 2 mp3 files (Lucid Inductions) on my iPod.
What I do is, I do WBTB and when i wake up i loop the mp3 over and over again, it says do an rc, your dreaming, this is a dream with some binular beats and soothing sounds.

So im having some trouble with it just read my DJ (in my signature)
for example after waking up from WBTB today i couldnt fall back asleep.

here is the link to the mp3

[Free Lucid Induction CD "Download")



i’m interested in joining i have had 7 LD and would like 2 have a few more

Nice to see ya, Techyguy, I hope you have more. :smile:

That is just fine. glad you find all this interesting

[quote="fencer299"] Hey i am interested. currently i am trying to improve my dream recall. Do you think just keep using a DJ will help?

Yes, using a dream journal is the best way to improve dream recall.
welcome to the group

Accepted, lol welcome to the group

i will get to your problem with WBTB through PMs kk?

Welcome to the group. and BTW you won’t just have a few more, you’ll have as many as you want.

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We are coming along GREAT!! sweet.
let’s keep growin. Soon we will be doing our quests. we should discuss what our main goal for this month should be.

Why don tyou particpate in the monthly quests run on the board as well, see if you can hit up there too, as a group you can all bounce off each other and help where needed.

Link is at the top right of the screen

I think I’ll join :smile:

Maybe we should make a monthly quest
Where we try a new technique to become lucid each month
and maybe some months try to get OBEs, Shared Dreams, and other things

And since this group is about sharing what techniques you’ve used, I’ll share something:
I became lucid last night with DILD. The dream isn’t in my DJ yet, but I’m planning to put it in. I usually become lucid using that technique.

Okay cool. We shall do that. Welcome to the group. And we will also do what Timeless suggested, i had forgotten about that quest thing, lol. We shall do both.

As for the DILD (Dream Incuded Lucid Dreaming) i don’t think that is an actual method as much as just a pure luck thing. That is, unless you hav figured out a way for it to be an actual method? lol :tongue: :content:

dild can be used as a sub method with rc or just being aware of your world irl and the difference in your dreams so dild is a tech depending how you use it. Good luck

ive been trying everyday and it wont let me join your clan on your website…

so does it really matter. can i just be on the dreamteam without being in your clan? because if not ill keep trying im just saying… i pretty much tried everything and i still get some error message.

WILD, MILD, and WBTB have not been working very well lately for me. I experimented with listening to music. A few times I woke up 3 hours later and had some kind of nightmare. 3 hours isn’t enough for WBTB so I would just go back to sleep.

I think for now I’ll go back to doing RC’s as that was how I got my lucid dream about two weeks ago.

Lol, it doesn’t really matter but what kind of error is it saying?

lol, cool. if thats what works then go for it.

it says the admin does not allow you to register

Things have been going well so far.

I’m currently in an LDing contest with another member, and I’ve been having more than one Lucid Dream every night…things seem to be going well!! :tongue:

I’m going on vacation for three weeks. >_< It might be a bit hard for me to participate with the team, especially if there’s no internet at the hotel. Hopefully I’ll be able to login every few days and check up.