I am very confused by my first experience!!

Hi guys. I’m very new to this - so new infact that all I have done is read day 1 of a 7 day guide book that tells you
1)to look in the mirror and tell yourslef your going to remember your dreams
2) write that down aload of times
3) wake your self up 3 times during the night and write down your dreams.

O and I had a bit of cheese :smile:

I did all this and woke myself u a 6.10 I coud remember 3 seperate scenes - one most notable was I was in a swimming baths with an old friend called Tom and I was someohowjust floating around the surface of the pool. Obviously not lucid, as I had no control over it.

I went back to sleep and at about 10.30 I woke again and remembered a long dream. I instantly wrote down ‘dreamt I was lucid’…as I thought surely it can’t happen so soon. I then began to think about it and this is what I can remember

I was in a club (my friend Tom was back again).At first it was just like a normal dream but I then thought to myself I am asleep in bed. I then spent the whole of the dream forcefully trying to fly and do summersaults in the air. Sometimes I could do it sometimes it felt hard to fly for long and I hit the ground. I then saw Steven Gerrard (A well known soccer star for you americans :smile: ) and he tried to do it but fell on his head. I continued to show off hanging upside down while kicking my legs in the air and stuff. I then thought to myself I should find some girls to seduce while they can’t refuse :smile: oops. I managed to find a few girls and they didn’t refuse and it felt so realistic. The last thing I remember is I was leaving the club going somewhere else and I said “I’ll fly there’”.

The problem is the more I think about it I think it was an LD becuase I thought to myself I was still asleep and was forcefully trying to fly etc. However, isn’t it very possible that I was just dreaming about being able to control my dream…I’m so confused.

thanks for your time


In its purest sense, a lucid dream is just a dream in which you realize you’re dreaming. If you thought to yourself “I’m asleep in bed” that counts. The only thing is that your technique seems kinda difficult to keep up unless you have a lot of free night time.

From reading your dream, I can say that it sounds very lucid. You chose to try and fly, and to seduce some hunnies :razz: That’s enough. Also, If you increase your dream recall enough, your lucid dreams will become as real feeling as waking life, and you’ll be able to recall them like a waking memory. Keep it up, and congratulations on your first Lucid Dream :content:

That sounds like an awesome dream. Well done.

I had one kind of like that last night. I remember being “pulled” awake in my bed, and instantly recognising I was dreaming. Because of this I didn’t do any reality checks, or focused on the scene around me. Subsequently, I lost lucidity, although the dream kept going as if I still had it for 10 minutes or so.

I’m quite sure I wasn’t lucid, as I didn’t do anything that I would do if I was (if that makes sense), I just wondered around with my mates for a while and played some basketball (with a bit of flying).

Never mind, better luck next time:p

Hi guys. thanks for your responses. I’ll keep on trying to make them better. I’ve just read the bit about reality checks so hopefully they will help. How do you guys go about reality checks. Do you look at cards or a digital watch?? I haven’t got a watch like that at the moment.

Thai Boxer - What is your bedtime technique? Is there an easier way than the one from the course I am using??

thanks again

as far as the bedtime tech goes, I practice WBTB a few days a week, and then just use reality checks and MILD during the other days. I’ll explain more thoroughly.

WBTB is waking up in accordance to REM cycles. 4 1/2 or 6 hours after falling asleep. once awake, stay up for 5-60 minutes, then go back to sleep and practice an Induction technique. They most popular are MILD, WILD, HILD, and others that can be found on this site. Also, this is when you record your dream.

MILD.(mnemonic induced lucid dream) I personally swear by this technique, as it was my favorite during my golden age. There are many very in depth descriptions of how to preform this technique, but basicly you lay down and set your intention to lucid dream “I will have a lucid dream” “I will realize I’m dreaming” ect.
after this, imagine you’re back in a dream you’ve just had, and “become” lucid. Repeat this procedure (the phrase and the imagining) until you fall asleep.

Reality Check (RC) VERY IMPORTANT. Do these every day, many times a day. If you get into the habit of asking whether or not you’re dreaming, then you will inevitably ask during a dream. The procedure is simple:

  1. Ask. “am I dreaming?”
  2. preform. there are many ways to check if you are dreaming, but I like three. A) Look at your hands and count your fingers. In dreams, hands are usually obscure (too many fingers, glowing, blue, ect.) B) hold your nose shut and try to breathe through it. in dreams, you can. and C) read a clock or small printed material. Read it once, go back, and read it again. 75% of the time it will change. If you go back and check a third time, it changes 95% or something close to that.
  3. If you’re not dreaming, imagine that you are, and imagine that you become lucid.
  4. tell yourself "the next time I"m dreaming, I’ll realize I’m dreaming.

RC complete.

The home page of this site has detailed tutorials on many techniques, and there are dozens of topics on the forum relating to them. The best way to achieve lucidity is to become knowledgeable in tons of techniques and tips, then find which way works best for you. Who knows, maybe what you’re doing now works best, but I would suggest trying out some easier techniques also, as constantly waking up to record dreams could become a real hassle. If your goal is dream recall, just go to sleep and wake normally, and try and remember as many dreams as possible. It takes a few weeks- a few months, but you can master it and remember a half dozen dreams a night.

Good luck, and if you have any questions, be free to ask here or PM me. :content:

If you had woken up directly after that lucid dream, rather than slipping back asleep, you’d have a better sense of how real they can be. When you lose lucidity or have a false awakening, the lucid part becomes more like a regular dream memory (which is to say all murky). At the rate you’re going, it won’t take long before you get it…