I asked to feel unconditional love, but...

Day of the dream:Oct. 31, 2019. Halloween!

I was somewhere on vacation near the beach. I hear my brother’s voice calling my sister to go to an indoor swimming pool near by. I follow his voice and then I see the pool has a very strange shape, people are sitting all around it and I cannot get through to swim, so I give up and leave. I go looking for my siblings and suddenly I feel lost. I think 'how did I get here? Maybe this is a dream. I pinch my nose and realize I am dreaming.

At that moment I see I am somewhere near a body of water and I just throw myself forward/downward. I am now descending, it is dark around me except for a long strip of neon pink light near me guiding my descend. I want to reach the bottom so bad, I see people.

Finally I am down next to something that looks like a hotel counter and see two women who I decide to ignore, they seem not to notice my presence either.
I say: ‘dream, I want to feel unconditional love’ I close my eyes. I feel I am traveling at a great speed, I open my eyes, and all seems to stop. I feel a little disappointed, because it was not a nice sensation, and it was very short.

I look at my hands for some reason, and suddenly I feel again I am traveling to an even greater speed, I feel I am getting ripped apart, I hear ringing in my ears. I scream. Finally, I yell stop, stop! I am thinking this is not something I was expecting

Almost with tears in my eyes I say ’ But I wanted to feel something beautiful. Maybe I’m not ready for this experience yet’.

I decide to wake up.

(This is maybe my third ‘long’ lucid dream since I discovered lucid dreaming existed two months ago )

I thought asking to feel a quality of the Divine would be and feel very different.

Maybe you need to be more experienced to ask for such things?

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Would it be all right if I send you a PM? I would like to give you some feedback to your story that may not be entirely kosher with the forum rules.

Yes, of course!

I too would like to offer a possible interpretation of this occurrence, as I’m fairly certain I know what caused it; could I send you a PM as well?

Yes please!