I Astral Projected & encountered strange entity(IN DEPTH

I remember slowly coming out of a dream, and I started feeling my body and all the individual limbs connect to my consciousness. I was thinking I wasn’t going to actually astral project from this experience but what else could I expect out of doing this technique. I started moving my energy arms around, then I proceeded to move my legs up and down and got the feel for my energy limbs that were far greater than just my physical body, it’s quite the strange sensation feeling the numbness of my physical body and picking up on the sensations deeper beneath the shell of my vessel. As I start to pilot my Etheric body and stay focused doing so, I lose full sense of my physical body and how it works, since I’m only able to be aware of one vehicle at a time and be fully in control of one vehicle at a time. While I was wobbling around my limbs I moved my hips up, and of a sudden thelower part of my body, From my lower to my feet started floating, and my upper body was still anchored down into my physical body. At this point it felt like my Etheric body was like a balloon trying to float away, and my physical body was the rock that was holding the balloon down by the string. I was basically upside down with my legs in the air. While I was in that awkward position I started to move my chest, the moment I did that I felt a weird pop sensation, and my vision transitioned into going through a vortex, even though I still sensed that I was still in my room, it felt like I was warping through something. From what I remember the vortex was white and blueish. When I disconnected I then proceeded to pinch myself like always, it’s a very good habit to have. In the moment I had a feeling I was in the astral realm, but I wasn’t entirely sure, but now that I’m out of it I can see the distinct differences between this and a regular lucid dream. The movement felt strange and I sensed that right off the bat that it didn’t feel like what I’m usually used to experiencing. I remember walking through my door, and right off the bat that was a red flag because I’m always opening doors in my lucid dreams instead of walking through. Then as I was about to go down the banister I saw something, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it before I went down. But I was going to do my iconic jumping down the banister technique, but I decided to walk through it for some reason. I was slowly falling into the entity, and I felt like I was being watched even though it didn’t look like it was facing towards me. When I landed on the second floor of my house, I was staring at this entity very closely. I’m going to try my hardest to explain how this entity appeared to me. This entity didn’t have limbs sticking out like a human, it’s whole body seemed like it was meshed into one. This entity didn’t seem very solid, it kinda looked like it mainly composed of mist and some of the parts looking more solid than others. It looked like peace’s of the entity were constantly breaking off and floating off into the atmosphere, it was like it was constantly moving, but it was still in the same spot right in front of my second floor stairs. I went closer to it because I was curious what this being was doing in my house, I knew it was a lost soul almost right away. When I started to intrude beyond how close this thing wanted me to it, the entity did this loud screech/hissing noise which kind of took me by surprise. As it was doing the noises I was hearing faint voices resonated from within the entity, and the motion that i previously explained it was constantly displaying before then started to speed up while it was making noise, and the surrounding mist was moving more violently. Alright this is the best way I can describe the change in movement. Take a sound wave which is playing calm noises at a lower volume, then blast the sound while playing dubstep and take another look at the sound wave, and you’ll notice the waves are moving more violently. When it did that noise I saw something in its face, or at least what I interpreted as a face open up while it was expressing its negativity. I got shook but not too scared, so I started skipping and walking around the entity for a moment, then started to get worried about my physical body so then I aborted. First and last astral projection experience :eek:

you escaped well, maybe consider trying again? Just don’t invade the space of foreign entities unless you mean war.

that reminds me of an entity I saw one day in my room while I was laying in bed. It was a mist which took up form but it didnt have to have form and just could be a mist patch. As it moved it lost the parts of it which were taking up form. For a brief moment I saw it take on a male face.

Dont be at all allowed at yourself at stopping the experience early as sometimes stopping early can aid in us remembering clearer. I often purposely stop my experiences a little earlier while my thinking is still very clear and memories fully there.

Your body will be fine when you are out. We all go out of body when we are asleep anyway whether we are aware of this or not.