I can almost do WILD except for these 2 things.

I can stay still, and all that, the problem is, when I close my eyes instead of seeing colors, all I see is green. I also never get to the point where it shows scenes, or at least I don’t recognize it because it’s all green, so I can’t see it.

Don’t WILD during bedtime, you need a couple hours of sleep beforehand. Works best when tired. It takes practice to get WILD right, don’t expect instant results. Be patient. Also, everyone’s HI are different, some have colorful ones, black and white, or like you with a single colour. Some people don’t even get HIs at all.

If you’re a beginner, I don’t recommend you start with WILD. Start with the basics, a DJ and daily RCs.

good luck ~

I’m not much of a beginner, I only do it during bedtime except when I go to bed at 3 AM. my problem is that I spend over an hour waiting for the scenes, but no noticable ones ever show up.

All of my WIlDs (3 or 4) have been unintentional but my best and most vivid one was when I wasn’t tired. I was just listening to relaxing music (scary kids scaring kids) and lying on my bed with my friends. You shouldn’t get frustrated with it at all because it is noticeably hard to keep WilDing once you go lucid because it is so different and exciting when compared to waking life and dreaming. I don’t know what you are talking about when you say the green unless you’re seeing the inner side of your eyelids.