I cannot fulfill my tasks

Hello all,

I am a complete newbie when it comes to lucid dreaming. I just had my second lucid dream.

My main purpose for LD is healing my body and emotions as well as personal growth.

I read the book LD plain and simple by R. Waggoner and he describes two methods of doing it.

The first is to ask a dream figure what it represents:

I did this on my second LD. Three figures looked at me like I was crazy. The fourth finally told me she was measles… mhhh! Well…

The second thing is that I said “Hey dream, help me heal my physical exhaustion”. Nothing happened. Neither in the dream state nor in the waking state.

So I am wondering what I am doing wrong?

Do you guys have any suggestions for me? Am I being too impatient? Or was it not LD then?

I would really appreciate help because emotional healing specifically is very important to me.

Thank you very much!

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Hey, Shimmelblau :slight_smile:

First off, congrats on your second LD…bravo! Just think…you’ve begun what pretty much will become a lifelong adventure amidst dreaming. One thing I’ve learned, having been at this for a long time now, is to expect the unexpected. Dreams are complex, surprising, and mercurial. The cool thing about that is, you develop this relationship with a part of yourself that is mysterious, deeply layered and super interesting. You can develop some control over aspects of yourself, like lucidity and the ability to harness intention to direct things, to a certain extent…but maybe one never quite gets total control (well…maybe some do! But that’s probably pretty rare) which lends to the surprising part…the endless discovery. So, that being said…patience and persistence are helpful. Just let the whole thing unfold over time, like a relationship with a friend who will, in time, become a very close friend. One who is unpredictable, sometimes…but ultimately interesting because of the unpredictability.

One thing you might try is to bridge your intention from your waking state to your dreaming state. Just a suggestion…but, you could try day-dreaming about what it might look like/feel like to experience a lucid dream which you would consider successful with respect to your goals. Maybe just sit or lie down quietly for a few minutes, when you have some space to do so, and let yourself drift a little…become a little dreamy while still remaining awake…and then gently allow yourself to day dream about talking with dream characters who are a little more responsive when asking what they represent. And then, also, day dream about what it might look like/feel like being in an LD where you get a positive response when asking for healing.

Just an idea! I’m sure others here will have some excellent suggestions. Good luck!


Hi Glypheye,

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation! I have read it more than once and still will.
It’s good to get suggestions from someone who really knows the subject!
So it’s also about patience and practice. It’s good to know I’m not doing anything wrong, but I need to be persistent.

I will definitely try your suggestions.

Thanks again for taking the time to write all these words!!!

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Sure, my pleasure! Those who know anything about me know I’m never at a loss for words…even when IDK what in the world I’m talking about :smiley: . In as such, I can’t really claim to be knowledgeable about the subject, as you so generously mention. The only thing I know is what’s become evident amidst years of self-experimentation. There are a bunch here who are very knowledgeable, however…well read and researched. They’ve contributed a wealth of that knowledge here so…enjoy!

Good luck in all your lucid dreamers endeavors. It should be a wild ride, so…buckle up :wink:

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Well, reading your posts about experiences, you must be very experienced. Wow! That’s all I needed for my questions.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with a total newbie. :blush: :+1:

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