I can't achieve Lucidity

Hi I’m new here
Last week was my first attempt to lucidity and it didn’t work. I can remember dreams very easily and I heard that is a big role in becoming lucid. I stick to the MILD technique and I look at my hands often to see if If I can realize I’m dreaming. Last night my dream was very clear and I also felt it like fear but i’m not sure if it was lucid. I just need some guidance.

If you knew you were dreaming then you were lucid, if not then you weren’t. Very simple.

Basically that’s it. If you know that what you are experiencing is not conventional reality and is instead a very lifelike simulation generated by your brain, you are lucid.

I did dream of something that was not reality and still didn’t send me into the lucid state I just thought it was normal. I dreamed that i was at a weird river and it had giant plants that glowed brightly.