I can't do the WILD technique, nothing happens.

To be a bit more descriptive, whenever I try to WILD technique, I’ll just lay there on my bed for an hour or two, relaxed, and it never works, I’ve been trying for days, but its not working. I try all of the techniques for the WILD, yet, nothing happens even though I’m relaxed and everything. What I do every night, I’ll lay down and close my eyes, count, “1, I’m dreaming, 2, I’m dreaming” and so forth, while picturing myself walking down stairs one at a time, at least I think thats what it said to do on the guide, lol. And nothing ever happens, is there something I’m doing wrong? :confused:

Maybe WILD isn’t a good technique for you. (nor for me. x.x I fall asleep hella slowly.)

I tried WILD with WBTB every day for more then a month and reached SP only twice. It was simply to hard. I woudl recomend doing a couple of serius atempts on MILD. WILD seams more tempting at first because you woudl follow your progress more clearly and have instant high quality LD but its so damn hard, atleast for most people. When in did serius atempts with MILD I got 3 lucid dreams at 5 atempts.

If you are after LD and not just the experience of WILD, otherwise this post woudl be quite worthless. :wink:

Maybe you could try listening to a hypnotic mp3 to get you relaxed, I find that the one that starts out, “Welcome to the world of awaken dreams” in an echo-e voice works best for me. (sorry, but i forgot where it it came from, but you can probably find it somewhere on ld4all)

well if you get absolutly NOTHING at all then i dont think WILD is for you i tryed it and i became heavy and couldnt feel my body but that was it and i got no HI so i have moved onto MILD and WBTB

When you WILD never count I find that it is one of the least successful techniques. Also do not move a muscle, or swallow. You have to remain awake while your body goes asleep. Your body will become more and more numb after a while, and you should start seeing HI. You have to balance focus awareness and falling asleep. Just keep trying it will happen eventually. It took me over a week to experience my first WILD.