I can't even imagine going high-level lucid...

I’ve been trying to get a really good lucid dream going for about 6 months! I’ve often came very close. It seems that every time I realize I am dreaming, my mind gets clearer, but not a whole lot, and I can’t advance my clarity OR stay dreaming for more than 5-10 seconds! :panic:

It’s very frustrating of course, but I think I’m prepared to finally get what I’ve been waiting for next time I have the chance.

Anyway… I just cannot imagine going completely lucid as many high level lucid dreamers have described to me. I mean… feeling just as real as reality feels now?! There’s no way!!! :confused:

My problem in imagining this is… well… my imagination. I cannot fathom my imagination being able to construct a reality as clear as the one I am in now. For example, if I meet a person, and talk to them for a while and whatnot then leave the room, I typically can’t even reconstruct their face in my head. Perhaps it is partly because I don’t take hard notice of facial features, but I think it is mostly just the fact that my imagination doesn’t handle intense detail very well.

Ah well, I feel dumb for posting such a pointless thread, but I just want to see what you people have to say. :cool:

Correct me if im wrong, but i think i have a way to explain just how powerful the subconcious mind is. Your mind is capable of reconstructing anything from memory, even in waking life. We dont experience this, because every time we think of that tiger from the discovery channel it will appear right in front of you and you will run away screaming, so this ability is turned off during waking life and turned on in our dreams. This is how powerful the subconcious mind is.

if you can’t imagine it, your brain won’t make it come true. if you look around enough on this forum, MOST of the experienced lucid dreamers and mods tell you to face the world as a dream. to ask yourself “am i dreaming right now?” just try it.