I can't have lucid dreams no more

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Hello to all!

First sorry for my bad english :eek:

My first lucid dream was when i wake one morning and reading your site and forums for 1 hour and then i go to toilet and say to me “Hey, i’m dreaming?” and look at my hands … and then i back to sleep then i dreaming something and dream how i go to toilet and say to me “Hey, this is a dream?” and then i become lucid and i try to fly and it works :happy: i fly to the celing of the toilet and my head get inside in the celing and then i become to dream something else but now i can’t have lucid dreams no more from then can you help me?

just keep trying:) That is a good reality check, to checkyour hands and ask if you are dreaming.

Try WBTB, wake up 4-5 hours into your sleep, stay awake for 30-60 minutes, think of becoming awake, visualise, or do anything u like (a physical activity is good too, eg. eat a snack, or brush your teeth),
Then go back to bed and tell yourself “I will realise im dreaming…i am dreaming” keep saying it, and thinking of it,

then when u sleep u should become lucid, …keep trying,…u will get there

thanks for the help :smile:

Hi sfx!

From what I read, it seems that you didn’t use any technique, you just had a natural lucid dream which was induced by your recent interest in LD’ing. You have to use techniques in order to have LD’s regularly.

Of course, you still may have a piece of luck, like you’ve had! :smile:

Hi to all! :happy:

I use WILD and MILD but without success :sad:

Hi. The only thing I can add to “keep trying” and “use a technique” is that try not to say “I can’t have LDs anymore”. When you say that you are actually convincing yourself that you can’t have LDs and in the dream world is really important to believe that you CAN do things. Just my 5 cents :happy: . Good luck!

I’ve been having LD’s off and on for over 20 years. Maybe 100 in total. However, it seems that when I make an effort to try to have them more frequently, they disappear on me. I guess the trick is to exert effort, but not too much effort.

then i’ll probably never have 1:p

cos my DR is really bad probably

Dream recall is easily improved. Keeping a dream journal is the way to do so. If you have a little bit of time to write your dreams down, your recall will improve tremendously.

For how long are you using these techniques, sfx?

Hi all :smile:

I can’t keep my dream journal because i go to school at 7 at morning :sad:
but i remember my dreams

for 1 year

Hmmm… :bored: There must be a problem in the way you use MILD. Generally, people have rather quick results with it. The average time in order to get LD’s with MILD/autosuggestion techniques is 3 weeks! :sad:

Ok i will try again :smile:

But i have a question … i go to sleep in 3 at night maybe this is the problem?

i dont see why you couldn’t keep a journal becuase of that… write them down on the way to school, unless you drive to school, but you could record them on a voice recorder while driving if you really wanted.

But in Bulgaria we go to school on foot i can’t walk and write :happy:

haha gotcha, well you could still use a voice recorder :wink:

I will try :smile:

But i want to know when i go to sleep in 3 at night is this a problem? maybe i will try to go to sleep early?

If you go to sleep at 3am and wake up at 7am, so that you sleep just 4 hours :eek:, yes, it could be a problem, as most of the LD’s occur generally after 6 hours of sleep. It’s generally said you should sleep at least about 8 hours.