i cant induce a ld

i think its like impossible for me cause when i am in the dream i never think that i am dreaming. well i did it once when i was young but not intentionally.i am thinking about buying herbs to make in a tea or smoke to help me anyone got any answers well i havent really been trying lucid for a long time though

Then you should feel pretty welcomed to these forums buddy…cause reaching lucidity dreams is what we discuss in here all the time.

First step to achive the “Lucid” state inside a dream is stop thinking negative thoughs such as “I can’t get Lucid” or similiar. That’s pure nonsense…EVERYONE CAN REALIZE THAT THEY DREAMING WHILE INSIDE A DREAM!
Work on your dream recall by memorizing your dreams and write down dream journals. Then work on so called “reality checks”…they can really help out reach lucidity inside dreams if you perform them inside the dreams.

Becuse the key idea to reach lucidity is to actually focus on dreams and think about them trought your waking life.
In that way you’re much more likely to have such thoughs while inside your dreams and you’re much likely going to ask the “reality” in there…“So i read about someone called “Tywald” jumping between floating plattforms in his dreams today…by the way, why am i standing on a floating plattform? Wonder if i’m dreaming?”

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yea my dream recall aint that great sometimes i can remember some dreams sometimes i cant i have made a dream journal and i am going to try to listen to bineural beats before i go to bead to help me if you know what that is

Well, ld’s don’t just happen like this snap
You’ve to put in time to achieve the things you want.

You can lucid dream. Remove those thoughts of not being able to.

Keep a detailed dream journal and read it once every few days.

Pick a method that works for you. MILD/WBTB is quite easy for beginners while WILD is a method that requires practice.

How to induce lucid dreams (MILD/WBTB):

  1. (Optional) Go to a local library and check out Exploring The World Of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LeBerge.
  2. During the day use reality checks like the reading reality check atleast 20 times. Try to genuinely question reality. Read a few sentances and look away and look back. If the letters changed, you are dreaming. You can read anything you want for it.
  3. Set your alarm clock for 4-6 hours after you fall asleep.
  4. When falling asleep relax completely and count “1. I’ll know when I’m dreaming. 2. I’ll know when I’m dreaming…”
  5. When the alarm wakes you up think about lucid dreaming and expect to have a lucid dream when you fall asleep again.
  6. Think about lucid dreams until you fall asleep.
  7. Dream. There’s a good chance it won’t be lucid. Lucid dreaming takes alot of practice.
    8 ) When you wake up write down anything you remember about your dream in your dream journal. Draw a picture of what you remember if you can. Make sure to describe feelings and thoughts too.

I think i tried WBTB today…
But then i only had a slight feeling of lucidity…
And i don’t really remember what it was.
But i don’t use methods.
Sometimes,ou may only have one when you lose hope…
But you shouldn’t do that.
Start a DJ,or i’d say the easiest method is MILD…
But i’m a dream n00b.
So you might want to ignore this post.
But keep trying,you will have one.
If nothing occurs,take your magical object…(you have to make it magical,and sleep with it,so it will induce LDs)
Or…read the Playground…
And try GILD :tongue:

okay thank you if any one has any other suggestions please post

when i first started i didnt think i could do it and one night i just told myself" i really want this to happen please let it happen. and also told myself that it WOULD happen. and guess wat, it did. so just beleive/know you can do it i think thats the most important step.


“i think its impossible for me”
I can assure you, in the right state of mind, it’s easier than blowing a candle.

It took me about a year to get my first lucid dream, without the forums. The forums are a great tool and really increase my thoughts about lucidity.

When I get lucid, usually I’m really only focused on my recall. BAM. I’m lucid because I want to remember the dream. Just start in steps, you’ll get there in no time.

You have to really believe that you will get lucid.
also, when using any of the methods use WBTB, otherwise its nearly impossible(at least for me)
the reason had and LD last night was because i read on the forum that if you eat a banana before you go to bed it increases the chance of getting and LD. and as i read this i took another bite of the banana i was eating. this made me really confident that i would get one, so i did.
use MILD, its the easiest for most people!
good luck! :smile:

I’m not really an expert at lucid dreaming, but I can give a few suggestions on how to become lucid. First of all, do reality checks throughout the day. My personal favorites are plugging your nose and attempting to breath, and closing one eye and checking to see if you can see your nose. Also, you should really feel confident about getting a lucid dream just before going to bed. Think that lucid dreaming is the easiest thing in the world and that there is no doubt you will get one every night. You should also try improving your dream recall by noting down your dreams right after waking up. Hope that helps. :wink: