I cant LD

Yea so i have been trying for ummm i dont know about 6 months maybe or more.And i still havnt had a sucsessful lucid dream.I nearly had one yesterday but i was put into awake mode by my brother.Anyway what would you suggest for me to do to get to lucid dream.


i have been trying for a while but cant LD it has been about 6 months now.

Well, considering your age I’ll eliminate one of my options, but you can try a few methods:

-Stay awake for a very very long time and then fall asleep. Worked for me once, vivid dreams.

  • Stop trying to lucid dream. You might ask, “oh how can I do that?” Just get really tired, really preoccupied with a movie/book, and stop thinking for a bit.
  • Try every method of LDing from WILD to MILD to DILD.
  • Eat bananas, and other foods with vitamin b6. Increases dream vividness. At least for me.
  • Try changing your sleeping area. Sleep on the couch, the floor, anywhere.
  • Watch LD related movies. A Waking Life is good, and viewable online. Kind of talky and philosophical, but still good.
  • Make a dream journal. It seems really stupid, but it CAN work.
  • Keep trying.

I have taken a break from trying a while ago.I am uup till 3 or 4 in morning i think that is late enough.The DJ thing i am gonna try now that it is summer so i dont have school.Any other suggestions.Also i think bananas might work.When i nearly had one yesterday i ate a banana.

first thought that springs to mind is “i can’t LD”. as it says in the title of this thread. maybe i’m just crazy, but that looks kinda like one of those freudian slips. if so, then maybe you’ve already come to the conclusion that you will not get LD’s, no matter what? if i know but one single thing about lucid dreaming, it’s that they really like sticking with your convictions. so if you are convinced they won’t come, then you aint getting no LDs. conversely, if you expect one tonight, then it will come. might not work every single time, but that’s the rare exceptions. the doubt is something that almost all new LDers face, and the only way to overcome that hurdle is to reject doubt alltogether. all the techniques in the world will amount to squat if you don’t have faith in them, so that should always be where you look for problems first.

well i always try but have low confidence.

Your post doesn’t give much insight. Please explain some problems, and we can give you answers I’m sure.

i cant LD.I tried every style and way yet i still havnt had a real ld.

Relax (No, that wasn’t an advice). You will have a LD, sooner or later. And 6 months is nothing, some people get their first LD after a year or two. Simply keep practicing and you will succeed.

It actually seems like you didn’t put enough effort into it.
At Lucid Dreaming you can’t do half things, you either do it or you leave it. Otherwise it won’t work!

Maybe you also are a bit too young for it yet, but that doesn’t mean anything.

Elaborate on that. I’ll try and analyze your problems.

Yes you can LD, everyone can, it just matter of time and work.
Think about it, you are trying to become a god (in your mind, but still becoming a god).
No one can become a world dominator without working hard to achieve this state, but your entire body and mind willing that you will become the god and you have no resistance so you will only need to work your way to get to this position and never give up because LD is what you are willing, and in your LD’s you are a god, so make your way to become one.

By low confidence i mean i try all the time and only hope to get it thinking i probobly wont but there is still the chance.

Alright, let me tell you how I got an LD. I slept with the windows slightly open, allowing sun/moon to shine near my eyes. I stayed up until about 11:00 watching movies with friends, and generally steering clear of LD thoughts. I then promptly collapsed from exhaustion on my bed, but managed to have beautiful vivid dreams. I had one WILD, one DILD. Personally, I’d say you just have to stay away from lucid dreaming thoughts, and just RELAX. Easy to say huh? But really, this is what worked for me; you just have to have a clear mind, either thinking about LDing or not.

hmmm thank you.I will try it tonight.

Um neither can I?

Ironically, I have, but I can’t LD on will, in fact, every night I try to I fail, but I occasionally have them when I don’t.

I suggest not trying to, I assure you it will work

Great i cant remember any of my dreams now.Aint that great. :grrr: :cry:

Don’t lose confidence. Everybody goes through their rough patches. Sometimes I can remember four dreams in one night, an other nights i can’t remember any dreams at all. Just try to overcome the hardships and don’t become discouraged. Besides, at twelve years old, you have a lot of time to practice LDing in your lifetime. Just be patient. Pretty soon your dream recall will come back, you will be having your first (of many) LDs, and be thankful that you decided to perservere.

i will try.maybe if i start listening to the guide about dream recall.