I can't remember any of my DJ dreams

Yep, all gone.

I realized this while I was reading through some of my old entries today. I freaked out a couple days ago, and for the last couple nights I’ve still been reeling. I have been consciously trying to not to remember my dreams the next morning. I was still trying to digest my experience from a couple days ago, and I wasn’t in the mood to have anything more to think about.
Today, I had finally gotten myself straightened out, and I decided to start back on my normal dream cycle. To make sure I would be ready to handle it tonight, I started reading past journal entries. As I was reading through my journal, everything seemed so unfamiliar. Typically as I read it I could relive my dream or at least get an image of it in my mind. This time I was totally blank. I would have even thought it wasn’t my journal if I didn’t recognize my handwriting.
One by one, I read every entry through up to last, and not a single dream registered. Warily, I began to read about my recent Lucid dream/nightmare/SP thing.
If you have read any of my last posts, you’d know that this thing has been on my mind for days. I had been reliving it in vivid detail in my mind over and over. Every aspect, good and bad had been examined. I had no reason to believe that I wouldn’t remember it all as I read it then. I held on to the notebook a little tighter expecting it all to rush back.

Nothing happened.


One more giant blank in my memory.

I don’t get it. It’s like I’ve systematically erased every dream I’ve had over the past year out of my head. I know they happened, I remember thinking about them, but I don’t remember what I thought about. I’m used to specific dream recollection dimming over time, but I’ve never totally forgotten everything at once. What’s even more peculiar is that I didn’t ever expect to forget my last dream and it vanished just the same. Right up until I read my final entry I could see it, then it disappeared.

This is too weird; I still can’t even comprehend it.
Has anyone ever had anything like this happen?
More importantly does anyone have any idea why?
Any sort of idea or comment would be appreciated.

That is very odd… i never experienced something similar.

How is your recall in waking life?

You just mean like short term/long term memory?

Pretty far above average. I’ve never had any issue with WL memory loss, but then again I have never had an issue with dream memory loss either, so I don’t know what to think.

i definitely meant to post this in the “the stuff dreams are made of” board.



moved :grin:

I think the key may be

conscious intention is a powerful tool.

The thing is, though, I was only intending to not realize what I was dreaming on tuesday and wednesday night. I wasn’t trying to forget everything I’ve documented for nearly a year. I don’t get how the one thing I’ve been thinking about this entire week could just vanish like that.
I don’t know, it’s weird. I’m sure you’re right. Being so focused on not dreaming or thinking about dreams had to be the reason why it happened. Luckily, it didn’t have an effect on my ability to recall my new dreams. I can remember the one from last night.
Further Weirdness: My description of last nights dream is eerily similar to the first entry in my journal, only this time I was semi-lucid. I’m eager to see what happens tonight.

Thanks, moogle. I guess the reason was kind of obvious, but maybe I just needed someone else to say it.

It happens to me too but in a less drastic manner; when I sometimes browse through my DJ I remember some dreams but others, who were less vivid perhaps or made less impression on me, are totally gone. This is funny though, since you can read some cool stories this way which you forgot…

so…I have a question. Does WL memory affect your dream recall? I have a problem sometimes with remembering certain things…like everything I learned this year from math? mostly gone :tongue: .

And can it go the other way too? Like…good dream recall help your WL memory? Just curious. :wink:

I think perhaps it could, but I don’t know if it could be proven. I have a good memory both in real life and as far as dreams are concerned, but that doesn’t necessarily mean one affects the other. :confused: