i cant remember ...

The only time i realise im dreaming is when i have nightmares.
but the thing is i just think im dreaming i better wake up i forget all about LD and then when i wake up in the morning i think damn why diddent i just stay in my dream. its happend a few times now and i just totally 4get about LD is there any tips that can help me remember ?

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From the things i know,i can only give you an advice,when you realize you are in a nightmare ,if it comes in mind,think that you can change this thing into something you want,like a table with a favorite food or a pleasant situation.
(a tip from a pretty new wannabe lucid-dreamer)

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The trick is to do reality checks whenever you can, especially when you notice Dream Signs in waking life. Build it into a habit so that they’ll show up in Lala Land without you even having to think about it.

It helps, believe-you-me. :wink:

Good luck!


Once you get over automaticly waking up, you can confront the nightmare with your influence over the dream. :happy:

Thanxx 4 the advice
ill bare that in mind