I can't wake up in the middle in of the night so...

what method(s) should I use? MILD? RCs? BTW can someone give a simple explanation? TIA

Can’t? You mean you can’t set an alarm clock. Well, then you significantly cut your chances… but MILD and RC is the best way to go.
Do MILD for 10 mins (well less if you have to) before going to sleep. You really, really have to get it through your head. Repeat it like you mean it. Think about how much you want to have an LD while saying (or thinking) your mantra. A few good mantras I’ve heard around here are:
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“I am going to dream, I am dreaming, I am aware I am dreaming.”
“I WILL have a lucid dream!!” :tongue: <-- What I use…
You should find one that suits you well. You’ll know which one is best.

RCs do as often as possible and do them with effort. I have never had a lucid dream with an RC. But I’ve heard it’s good with other people. Usually if a technique only works for some people it won’t work for me. So MILD is the single best technique to use. You have to have clear intentions and desires. If you can, set up a schedule of waking up early for just a few minutes, maybe doing MILD or waking the logic side of your brain up with some reading or math for a while.

Well, sorry for the long post, good luck and welcome to the forum!
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oh thanks. I tried MILD last night but I couldn’t get it (it was my first try so meh) also, how do you do Dreamjournals, especially since i can’t remember my dreams? it’s a lil con fusing o_o;;

MILD is everything you do during the day and before going to sleep what has to do with lucid dreaming-dream diary,rcs,thinking of dreaming,thinking of “what would it be like if it was a dream” ,so on so on…
Its a quite good method as a base and as a start for any other ones.Just by thinking and wanting lds you have a great chance to have them.its all about motivation:)
good luck:)

If you don’t wake up during the night, chances are you’ll have a much harder time remembering dreams to write into your journal. You might still recall a few out-of-sequence fragments when you wake up in the morning, but you’re missing out on so much. Why exactly can’t you wake up during the night?

Dream memories fade extremely quickly, so if the first thing on your mind when you wake up isn’t “What did I just dream?”, then chances are you’ll lose it forever. You need to get into the habit of waking up and immediately trying to remember the dream you woke from. Write down absolutely anything you can, even if it’s just a few words or lines.