I can't walk through walls anymore!

Hey. Something is seriously messed up in my lucid dreams. :bored:

Last night I had a string of LD’s after doing the WBTB methold with some MILD. Like I had a FA three times in a row. Anyway, in every single LD, I couldn’t walk through walls! Every single time I’d just bounce right off of it. I even tried to walk through a screen door, and I just bounced off the screen door. In all my past LD’s, I easilly walked through walls, people, trees, you name it. Now I can’t manage to even walk through a stinkin’ screen door!

What is wrong with me? Did anyone ever have this problem? I’m hoping someone knows or has a suggestion on how to fix it.

I have a hard time getting solids in LDs to let me pass through.

It appears to relate to beliefs and degree of lucidity.

As a cheat I go backwards through the object. If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. :tongue:

The reason you can’t anymore, is simply because you think you can’t. When attempting to do it, the last time you tried, you may have had a bit of a struggle and then you just assumed you couldn’t anymore. Beliefs are critical to what you can and can not do, in real life, but ESPECIALLY in dreams.

I had a problem, when running through a wall I think that the speed makes you have internal fear knowing in real life it would hurt. No matter how little the fear, even though you know its a dream, its still there and that little will prevent you. How I got through a wall was to stand right by it and slowly push through my hand, arm, head, and body.

I have a simular problem when I AP. Every time I try to go out through the ceilling, or a wall, I just keep repeating. I have to go out through a window.

I like to entertain the belief that each lucid dream has it’s own set of physical laws and natural rules. If I can’t move through an object, it’s simply not possible in that world. While this can be a self-limiting view of lucid dreams (ie, if you can’t walk through a wall early in your dream, then you’ll hold the belief that you can’t do it later in your dream) it also prevents me from becoming too embedded in the self defeating belief that I can’t perform a particular action - like walking through walls - in any of my lucid dreams.
But that’s just me :content:

I refer you to the ultimate solution: The Lucid Pill topic! (Lucidity Tools subforum iirc)