I dare you to go to hell.

moved from pathways to adventures, since you invited others to try when lucid :moogle:

Lastnight I had a series of APs, I learned a few things. I started to loose my vibration so I poured “Astral sand” on myself, and the vibration got stronger it has a tingaling feeling. All you do is basicaly visualize sand in your hand and pour it on you. It really does do the trick, I havnt tried it in a lucid dream, but Im sure it would have the same effect anyway. I was flying around lastnight, and I decided to see what hell would be like, so I started going down into the ground, and became scared. I really want to do this… Why? To build spiritual strength for the times that are aproaching pretty fast. I figure If i go to hell, it would help prepare me spiritual for 2008, and beyond. Yes I belive strongly that my life has been all about 2012, and here it is. Im still wanting to go to hell (No I dont believe in hell, but I think you can create a hell in the astral planes) So maybie Ill get the nerve to go thru with it in a latter AP. If you want to try it please do, and post your expreance. I dont know if I posted this in the right topic. Sorry, it may have been better to put it in my journal. You can move it if you want. Have a goodnight with alot of lucid dreaming.

Very well. I shall attempt an AP tonight and post back tomorrow with the results, Kava. I don’t believe in Hell either, but I won’t let that stop me from partaking in this interesting experiment. I’ll use the Astral Sand technique. Wish me luck.

Be very careful Faust. I don’t believe in Hell either but there are some nasty negative entities out there. Make sure you visualize a white light or shield around yourself.

Good Luck

Yea, Im hoping I could get my spirit guid to come with me, If I could get a hold of her. If not Ill just think visualize the light.

I have been meaning to go to hell at some point. It’s just something ya gotta do. I don’t believe in hell but, the idea can still be interesting. I’ve been in hell in a ND, had a chat with the devil, fought demons, the devil asked me to take over his punishing job.
I don’t know when I’ll get the opportunity to try it in a LD, will try to do it as soon as possible. Unless I get sidetracked.

Not meaning to offend anyone… but surely the fact that we know Lucid dreams exist kind of disproves Astral Projection? Would it not make sense to think of 'AP’s as just a form of Lucid Dream, one that follows the guidelines for what an AP should feel like through the dreamers own research? i.e. How many of you had AP’s Before you read up on them, or could really distinguish between LDing and AP before you researched either?

What is it about AP’s that are so different from Lucid Dreams? I’ve had a couple of lucid dreams myself where I’ve seen myself sleeping, but i carried on like i would normally, and i noticed no difference.

Again, no offence intended, I’m just intrigued.

I’ve been to Hell many times in multiple normal dreams… and I’ve even spoken to Satan himself. Hell would appear to be threatening in my dreams, but I never got scared, and I talked with Satan as nonchalantly as I do with friends. I don’t have any real fear of a possible Hell… but if I went there in a LD, I might find some interesting things.

(I have no skill at AP, though.)

Well, if you have an AP, you will definetly know the difference. Some people say that LD’s are just personal energy bubbles you create on the astral, that you control. A self created world, if you will. I would suggest reading “Adventures beyond the body” by William Buhlman for some great info that will enlighten you on the subject.

so I went around doing naughty naughty things & sooner or later I was being chased again (I like being chased) so the chasers where dieing trying to catch me partly be their own doing & eventualy I was dead & in hell. It was like a train station (underground / the tube) & there were guards all over the place. Well at the top there was a night club kind of thing, It was realy strange. Im not quite sure why I was only controling myself, being aware of the fact that Im sleeping etc. & not in control of the surroundings or the chasers or the guards, its normaly like that anyway but I wonder why…

I use the terms interchangeably. I consider Astral Projections functionally identical to WILDS. But whether or not we consider them “real” they can still be enlightening.

Anyway, I was unsuccessful last night, unfortunately. I’ll give it another go tonight.

I once had a SD in Hell with my younger brother where the Devil was putting us through all these tests. It looked really cliche and stuff. There was the fire and the reddish color and everything. It’s been a while though. Maybe I’ll visit Hell again sometime.

Kava: done that. :wink:

Funny that, I’ve put that as part of a challenge in the 10th Lucidity challenge! what a coinkeedink!

I’m going to try again though…grins

I’ve been in hell in a few ND and LDs.

But to tell you the truth it doesn’t seem so bad in my dreams.

its just a big place that overemphases the 7 sins.

like an all you can eat buffet: gluttteny
A brothel: lust
a lot of chances to slack off/no work: sloth…etc.

It has always appeared to me as a cross between a giant pub/ a brothel/strip club/and casino.
with humans just replaced with red skinned demons and stuff.

so hell has never scared me. just go there and treat people nicely and they will probibly treat you with at least some respect