I decided to practice Lucid Living during a dream...

Last night I actually dreamed that I thought I had taken a kind of long break from Lucid Living, so I consciously decided to start paying attention to my surroundings again.
The problem was, of course, that I didn’t realize that I already was in a dream, but I did seem aware enough to make an active decision on LL.
Can you please give me some advice on this?
Because it seems my critical thinking wasn’t high enough to allow me to instantly recognize the dream state.

Did you notice anything strange in your dream? Sometimes your dreams can be close to real life and there are a few irregularities.

The fact that you did LL in a dream means that you’re making really really good progress!

I didn’t really reflect over my surroundings that much, I just suddenly decided that I had taken a long break (which I tend to do quite often for some reason) and so started paying attention to everything around me - but I didn’t have the “click” to realize it was a dream, despite being in a totally unfamiliar place for no obvious reason.

That’s normal. You may be sick of hearing word: You are close. You are on the right track.

But that’s actually the case here. If you do dream about dream stuff then all you can do is really focus on them in WL and really keep attention on your life and day life routine. Try meditation at the moment and if you like it you can practicing it afterwards. All you need now is a little push toward lucidity and when you break that wall you’ll have more lucid dreams whit each day…

Thats the thing though, as i see LL being in a dream is “lucid living” and LL is just re-creating the awareness you have in a lucid dream and that is how you LL (at least what i used to lucid dream nightly)

also, just doing LL wont guarantee results, you have to put forth the really convincing “This could BE a dream” and believe it.

Yeah, I believe the problem could be that when I LL in real life I just “pretend that everything is a dream” but I don’t have a specifically questioning attitude to anything.
Maybe this wears off on my dreams as well so that I have the same mindset there - “okay now I’m gonna do LL here and pretend that it is a dream!”.
It’s pretty easy to see the flaw in this. :tongue:

The problem for me, though, is that I usually have a very good feel for what’s real life and dreaming, so I cannot really take myself seriously when I question reality.
But then again, I have had a few dreams when I have walked around and done conscious RC’s and been like “of course this is real life :crazy:”, and then woken up all of a sudden.