I defused a bomb on the top of a tall smokestack...

This last night I dreamed that I was climbing a very tall chimney, apparently for a factory of some kind, and at the very top there was a bomb which I was supposed to defuse.
It was a truly scary situation - you know that feeling when you hold on tight to something and could fall to the ground at any moment if you are even a little bit careless?
Well that’s exactly what I felt like, and it made me feel quite dizzy.
And I also had that bomb to worry about, and I didn’t even know how to defuse it!
I could only see a couple buttons of some sort and I desperately pressed the one to the right a couple times, and then the timer started counting upwards.
I thought that “what the hell, at least now it doesn’t count down anymore”, then used my body weight to bend the ladder down towards the ground, and handed the bomb to a bomb expert - and he said it was all fine now.

What could all this mean?
Personally I think it seems to mean that you should sometimes take great risks, even during situations that are already dangerous, or even when you feel out of control.
I also remember I actually saw McDonalds in the distance during this dream, so maybe that symbolizes a place where I would rather want to be? :lol: