I did it!!!!!!!!!

Thanks guys you really helped! Last night I did a WBTB, listening to a hypnagogia walkthrough and I totally became lucid! Thank you!!! :grin: :woo: :happy: :content: :smile: :wink: :tongue:

Congrats! :content:

Congrats!!! :woo:
I would suggest documenting everything you did so you can practice as much as possible. What was the LD about? What did you do ((if you do mind me asking?))?

Thank you and it was basically sooooo weird. It was like this quest to find something that I couldn’t find until the end. It was a sort of blue glowing orb and I went through all these worlds to find it. Like at first I was in my house and I saw something in the corner of my eye and then I stepped through a painting in my house and I was a wench in the 17th or 18th century and I was having a laugh with all these drunken geezers in a pub and then I saw this guy with something and I followed him upstairs into a box and when I was out of the box I was in a cinema and I stepped through the screen and on the screen it was Alice in Wonderland and I was Alice however instead of chasing a rabbit I was chasing the orb and it led me into Wonderland and strange stuff happened there like me growing to giantess heights and my clothes got tighter and tighter. Then I fell into a lake in Wonderland whilst still following the orb. When I finally found the orb I was in space and the orb was a shooting star. When I finally found the orb it engulfed me entirely and then I woke up and the light or ‘the orb’ was the sun shining through my window.

Thank you! :content: