I Did It

LAST NIGHT I HAD MY 2ND LD EVER :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh: . yay! but it wasn’t b/c of the WBTB WILD thing i tried, i just feel aslepp again… but later in the morning i woke up and did an RC, and realized i was dreaming!! then i got too excited and woke up… and did an RC and i was still dreaming! so i tried to get out of bed, but for some reason my mind wouldn’t let me get out of bed or even fully open my eyes. The dream was VERY vivid and realistic though. So i closed my dreameyes and tried to put myself onto a beach… i tired 3 times but every time i opened them i was still trying to get up from my bed. I tried rubbing my hands together just to make sure that the dream woudn’t fade… but i eventually just woke up. it’s really exciting though, i’ve been doing it for about a month, and that’s my 2nd LD!!! WOHOO :bounce:

crap… i was trying to put this under the “i’m going to get results tonight” thread!! whoops!! well, pretend it’s under that thread :blush: :red: …

congrats dude !!! :wink:

thats great that u have done LDs. I heard that ur dreams get longer so dont worry.

Congratullations:)Way to go:)
I just wanted to add one thing that may help you.
I guess that for a start it isnt best idea to try teleporting.As far as we know its hard to do for a beginner,tho i cant really say why.
I think more suitable for a start would be things that require little emotions involved to learn how the dream feels,to learn how its stabile and what causes it to blur or to wake up…so on.
Those things would be i.e exploring,watching the details,factures,tastes…and talking to DCs.
Its just personal advice see if its any use for you
good luck

How many LDs have you had Jack?


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blinks It’s hypnotizing …

heh … I’m bored

Because i see the difference between OBEs and LDs id say it was around 18 experiences all togheter.Around half of it i take as Obes(tho i know i maybe shouldnt cuz they nothing more than high level lds according to many.)and half as lds.
I have them on rare occasions but good thing is that once they happening they usually good quality and appreciate length.

Well the reason i tried teleporting is because for some reason i wasn’t able to get up from my bed at all, my mind just wouln’t let me get past putting my legs over the side of the bed. Also, my eyes wouldn’t open all the way!! I’m gonna try the WBTB method again tonight and see if i can get another! :content: