I don't get it with lucid foods...

I don’t completely understand the idea of that eating certain foods helping you with lucid dreaming… :confused:
It’s like you’re saying that eating A and B helps you inducing lucid dreams, while eating C and D makes it harder to have lucid dreams. I do agree to that certain types of foods and herbs can make your dreams stronger and more vivid, that is all right to me. But what kind of effect will certain food have to your brain/body that makes it easier/harder to have lucid dreams? What IS the actual effect related to inducing lucid dreams? Is it just that your dreams becomes more vivid, or are there other effects too? You can call me a sceptic, but what I want is FACTS.

Im not sure if you are asking, if its the effect the food hase on the brain or if there is side effects.

I don’t know much about the brain so that I can’t answer u, but if you are looking for sideeffects I think you have to look up the food in some kind of database. I know vitamin B has sideeffects if u eat to much of it and some herbs may get u lazy but I can’t help u any further, sorry. If you want a list of some herbs look in section 2.7 of Lars LD FAQ found at home.no/lucid

What I asked for, was the connetion between foods and lucid dreams, and nothing more. Maybe my post could have been written in a better way, but I’ll learn as long as I live :smile:

I only know one drink that helps you know your lucid. Which is water it makes you have to go potty and in you lucid dream, and try to find a bathroom. My next exprement is with strawberries. Ill pm you the reults. :wink: It might not be for a couple of weeks though. :frowning:

Well one more correction :panic: I am not asking for what will help you having lucid dreams, but how particular kinds of food will help you having lucid dreams

My frien downloadmaster said in a lucid dream he took a carrat from a fridge and it made him fly better.is that wat you want?

Ah… I think I know what you mean. There are a few scienticic explanations on how various foods and drugs can affect your sleep. They can often contain chemicals which alter brain activity in some way.
I’m not sure of the complex biochemistry involved in many of the cases, but certain foods and drugs are well known for producing certain effects.
Caffeine, for example, inhibits and stimulates various neorreceptors in the brain. It also has a multitude of other properties- the stimulant effect may be useful in the induction of lucid dreams, as it could encourage higher brain functions to work during sleep. I say ‘could’, because a lot of the science is unclear. I have read that drinking a warmed glass of milk may be beneficial - as it provides a ‘soup of amino acids’, from which various proteins can be constructed. I have to admid, that it sounds unlikely to me that the body would deviate from its normal balance because of this.
It is widely recognised that chocolate can stimulate serotonin production in the brain. This is a precursor to melatonin, which is produced - from serotonin - in the night. Melatonin is believed to be responsible for controlling sleep cycles - whether eating more chocolate leads to higher serotonin levels, leads to higher melatonin levels… I do not know. There are a wealth of reputable biochemistry websites on the internet which might help you find out the specifics of foods - and the chemicals therein.

I am sorry about the ‘badness’ of this post… very tired :sleeping:

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Chocolate also contains caffeine.

Chocolate is also Delicious

OK now I got what I wanted. Thanks! :smile:

The vivid dreams are a side effect of how the foods effect your brain activity, the vividness and alertness help you with the process of finding out that your current situation is a dream. . .

I am shure that the placebo effect also have somthing to do with it… You trick yourself into beliving that taking a certain pill will make you lucid tonight and it works indeed because you “know” that gonna have a lucid dream that night.

Everything with tryptophan (leads to serotonin) can help, like drinking milk and eating bananas. Also of course everything with B-vitamins. Bananas contain both! I am a heavy banana-fan :alien: .

its like in a movie the doctor will give the character a formula to a desperate person, and the character will end up doing great in his performance and after wards he’ll ask “heY doc what was in that?” and dr. says “nothing” “what do you mean nothing?” “it was your own confidence that produced those effects”.
plus when you eat more blood goes to the stomach, which means less in the brain. i thinks foods aren’t potions to induce LD’s nor do i think they induce lds. “hey, i ate some squash then had an ld, EVERYBODY EAT SQUASH!!!”

Hi LucidityX1000,

well its very simple with food…

The tibetans yogi’s say to their students to eat a good meal before sleeping…so that you dont sleep to deep and have more chance on a lucid dream…not to heavy because then you wont fall sleep…lol!

There is food that can make you sleep sooner or let you fall a sleep easier…thats food that contains the precursor of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that you also need to fall a sleep…its in bananas…turkey…milk…cheese…but especially in bananas and turkey meat…

Then there are the drugs and the food supplements and herbs…

They all have a different aproach for your brain to become more often lucid…

  1. Some make you sleep lighter…like alcohol or caffeine
  2. some activate ,stimulate neurotransmitters
    or are precursors of neurotransmitters…like tryptophan…phenylalanine
  3. Some irritate/stimulate nerves, like some high dossages vitamins B do
  4. some only pump up the blood flow to your brain…like gingko and Siberian ginseng
  5. And some block the reuptake of neurotransmitters like St.Johns worth
    does with serotonin and a little with dopamine

So different aproaches for the same goal…

:smile: Jeff

Maybe you know and maybe you dont but there are two reward substances in our brain to make us feel good…

  1. Is dopamine, comes free with sex…thats why we folks like sex
  2. 2-phenylethylamine…its the substance thats come free when you win a lottery or when you are in love!!!
    This substance is in chocolate and old cheese…its need sugar…grapesugar is best (glucose, fructose) to come through the brain blood barriere…well in chocolate there is already lots of sugar…the same if you eat the old cheese with jam or some other sugar substance…

:wink: Jeff