i dont know how to explain it, please read

alright when im in dreams. uhh…
it takes alot more to move you know?
ummm. it feels like im kicking and punching in water, even when i try to move.

but not only that but my eyes go wild and its hard to see. not dark just… hazy?

so im moving through water and i cant see anything. Most of the time
is there a way to stop it? this can be in ND or LD

I know what you’re talking about. I get that sometimes, usually without hazy vision though. When it happens I usually realize I’m dreaming. I don’t know what causes it but I remember at least one time I fought it and won. I wouldn’t let it stop me. Other times I can’t fight it and get completely stuck. Then I wait and it passes after a while or I wake up.

i think i used to get something similiar to this as well. I would be walking and it would feel like it was really hard to stand up straight and move forward. Like in water, or like a ton of gravity was pushing me down. It eventually went away I had pretty much forgotten about until reading this…

I know that probably doesn’t help much, but I wouldn’t worry yourself over it to much. It is something that should clear up.


I’ve had this in stressful dreams, like when I’m trying to run somewhere and I seem to be pinned to the ground every time I try to stand because of … it seems most like tremendous gravity. Unfortunately I don’t know why that happens or how to beat it, as I’ve only encountered it in ND.

It happens rarely nowadays.

I think the key is just not thinking about it. If it’s a problem, just cast it aside and forget about it… Not sure if it works this way, but I don’t experience problems with moving or vision (or flying) and I only really have problems when I think about it. ^__^;;;

I think it may be due to being slightly aware of the real life SP while we are dreaming and so our muscles become harder to use in the dream world? When ithappens to me it is just at the end of dreams before waking.

I think Moogle is probably right there. That seems very likely. I also have another theory; As we know, things in dreams are not simply day residue, but are hints and manifestations of deep down thoughts, urges, and fears. Maybe the difficulty you experience in trying to move is a manifestation of a lack of confidence in yourself, or something about yourself, like your flow or ability to gather momentum on a project. I can relate this to my own experiences. I have never been in a real fight, and therefor don’t really know about how competant I would be if someone were to attack me. I usually think quite logically and am quite certain that I would do very well, but there is a doubt in my mind. This doubt manifests in my dreams whenever I try to punch someone. The punch is always really weak and slow, and hits the target with all the force of a balled up pair of socks thrown gently across a room. I know it’s to do with this doubt in myself, because in the odd dreams where I’ve been someone else, I punched very very well. Maybe you should ask a dream character about it, to see if it is something like this.

hey that punching thing has happened to