I don't know if i am near or far to get a LD anymore :(

Hey LD4ALL, i am really starting to question myself how far i am or how near i am to get a LD.
Well this is because. Sometimes i have false lucid dreams (Dreaming about being lucid
but i am not) and when i posted if FLDs would be a good progress some users told me
i was near to get a LD. And i was very happy indeed.

but on the last week, i don’t got any FLDs anymore, but normal dreams.
And sometimes i couldn’t even remember what i dreamt about.

How is this even possible? shouldn’t my dream capacity or my brain get more vivid dreams?
after a FLD or even a lucid dream? but it seems like i just started doing this today.
can’t even remember what i dreamt or i get normal dreams with no vividness.
What is wrong?

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I really don’t think anything is wrong, I think it is normal because we are human to have rough nights, normal dream and no dream recall. Our mind are very complex. I notice that I have a hard time with dream recall when I don’t get enough sleep, my sleep has been interrupted more than normal or I was rudely awakened. (Harsh alarm clock, baby crying ect…)

I have had 10 LDs but night before last was my first FLD and it was frustrating! Also since I have had my last 3 LD’s instead of waking up too quick because of excitement or what have you I have been losing my lucidity and falling into a normal dream :sad: that too is frustrating.

Evaluate your sleep patterns and schedule and see if there is something disruptive there or maybe you have a lot on your mind, stress maybe. Do you keep a dream journal?

Yeah i do have a dream journal.

Remember that achieving lucidity is everything but linear action. If you did have FLD’s it is true that you are getting closer but by no definition it means that you will have LD soon. You might hit a roadblock and have your DR so messed up that you will wanna give up or you might have a LD the very next night.

It’s very unstable process, so learn from it and don’t get too stressful if you don’t succeed just because everything points toward success…

I hope you do succeed in shortest period possible, good luck! :content:

Even very experienced lucid dreamers sometimes have dryspells, so don’t worry about it.
Just keep practising and make sure you have something to feel excited about. :content:

Yes it can feel a bit frustrating if you have periods without success, but remember that lucid dreams can happen the very next night as long as you keep practising.
It could be tonight, or the night after that, or the next week.
Just be sure that it WILL happen eventually if you feel excited and look forward to it.

Don’t worry about this too much. I’ve had many lucid dreams before, but I’m also currently in a period where I don’t have lucid dreams, and my recall is bad.
Keep on doing what you were doing, and you will become lucid! :content: