I don't know if it was a dream...

First i’m trying to remember my dreams, I guess it’s going to be easier this way. Last night I did the water trick:

You can also take a glass of water, and consciously drink half of it. While you drink you tell yourself that you are going to dream and remember your dream. Then visualise how you wake up, drink the rest of the water, and remember your dream. When you awake, you empty the glass and if everything goes well, your subconscious will be triggered to let your dream surface.

When I woke up I didn’t remember anything so I drank the rest of the water. Then suddenly I thinked of a purple hippo in my toothpaste. It seemed…odd. My mind does weird things, sometimes I can’t tell the difference between something I made up, or a dream. So what should I do to tell the difference?

My thoughts are just as normal :lol: so I’m guessing that’s not a dream, although of course after waking up the imagination might be even weirder than it normaly is. :smile: