Hello Dreamers,

Are there dreamers that uses I-Doser?

I have been experimenting with binaural beats for years, but have never been able to achieve any results.

Ok that is nice.
Have you ever tried Hand of God and Gates of Hades?

Does anyone know or I-Doser is dangerous under 18?

I’m 13 years old.

It’s not dangerous, it’s just noise. I don’t have any good experiences with binaural beats but some people say they have. For lucid dreaming, an normal beats app may do the trick, no need for the fancy I-Doser ones :smile:

Do you also have tried isochronic tones?

tried i-doser a while back, didnt get results |:

I have tried the tones too with no luck. If they work for you go for it! There are much more reliable ways to induce LD’s without external aid though! Check out methods like MILD and WILD and WBTB!

I haven’t tried them.

I tried Lucid Dream, Astral Projection, Reset, Gate Of Hades, Hand Of God, And more but unfortunately I didnt get results. The only result is that I am very quite and relax after listening.

Some people got wired effects as shocking while listening to Gate Of Hades or Hand Of God.

Has anyone tried A Spiritual Brainsession from Ad Visser?