I dreamed of lucid dreams!

Today when I woke up I manage to recall some parts of the dream I had. I remember we were sitting on a place inside the woods but like a circle rounded by the trees, it was daytime. I was with my cousin and other people, and I was like directing a speech or something similar, and I was telling them how lucidity is real and [b]how[/b] to achieve it, and they were listening and asking questions, just like a teacher in a classroom.

The problem is, even with all of this happening I didn’t do any RC nor did I become lucid by just realizing I was talking of something I told myself I wanted to achieve before falling asleep!

It was a little dissapointing :sad:

Has anyone experienced this ?

I’ve saw other posts on here of this sort of thing, it’s probably because your so focused on LD’ing that it worked its way into your subconscious, and your RC’s didn’t. Do RC’s after you do things you do daily, such as the luu (lol) watching tv, going on this forum, before you get into bed, ect. If something is very frequent in your dreams, like say watching tv, do RC’s alot while watching tv, and the RC will tag along with watching tv in your dreams :smile:

Although I haven’t got an LD yet… grr xD

But what RC should I do? Should I try to nose RC everytime I do one throughout my entire day?

Layer 0 minor, using the Jones scale :content:


It just means you’re getting closer to a full-fledged lucid dream. I’ve had full lucid dreams already, and I still get those low-level ones once in a while, don’t get discouraged.

Wow! Thanks for the video, I really feel related and comforted because his answer feels like so directed to my experience! :happy:

Thanks for sharing that EllyEve :smile: , now I’m getting more excited :happy: