i dreamt death, and believed it

i had a dream that my grandfather died. i had the dream so many times and i actually thought he was dead!

in real life i thought my grandfather was dead because i dreamt it so many times!

isnt that scary and strange.

i wonder if theres anything else i believe but could be false. maybe i dreamt people said things to me but they didnt and im not their friends anymore.

how strange,

Haha, yeah, I recognize that feeling. I’ve embarrased myself in my dreams infront of people I know IRL. At first I wasn’t sure if it had happened or not, so I avoided those people until I knew for sure. :razz:

Dreams often “reads” memories, so it would be logical that they also have the ability to write memories.

i hate it when i wake up depressed because of somthing in a dream. today i woke up sad but i cant remember why. how weird.

Very often dreams are representations of your fears.Dont be depressed- your soul is healthy having so much worry about health and well being of other people.And even if something eventually happens in rl…wouldnt you think its definately not the end considering you had dreams about it before?It prooves itself,person is gone just temporary.
But again…not every dream is precognitive but much more dreams are for our soul/mind to play our fears in safe enviroment.Its helpfull thing.

i didnt think it was precognitive i just thought is was freightiningy (is that a word lol) weird

I’ve woken up completely pist off at something or someone from a dream.

So, I see where you’re coming from.