I dreamt I killed Saddam months before his actual capture


I enjoyed reading through this site. It’s in-depth, straightforward and simple.

I have one question, though.

A few months ago, I dreamt that I killed Saddam Hussein.

A few months later, in December, in real life, he was captured.

My dream began by him, all of a sudden, of all the places in the world, decided to hide in MY house, and took my family hostage. He was threatening the lives of my family. In that dream, my family suddenly increased in number, as in my house became bigger, and all of my relatives were living there.

So there he was, taking my home hostage, he had his minions with him, but I remembered a feeling, or a sense that they were connected to him, so if he’s dead, they’d be defeated as well.

He was terrorising everyone in my house, the women, the children, scaring my mother, and my little sister, so I decided to take action, since I love my little sister very much.

I disguised myself as one of his minions (don’t know how I did it, it’s a dream, right?), went up to him stealthily, and pierced a tiny needle down the back of his neck. Then he slumped to the ground, dead.

In my dream, after killing him, I felt a little pity for him, but not that I like him at all, no, I hate that monster. I guess it was just seeing that lifeless body of a human being slump to the ground, by your hand, that was the source of “pity”.

But in my dream, after I killed him, I was hailed as a hero by the whole world. I felt pride swelling in me to the point where I became afraid that my pride would later consume me.

Also, my dream was lucid and very realistic in that I could literally feel my fingers piercing the needle into his neck (sorry…).

What does all this mean?

It means suddam’s a lot of four letter words, and the majority of people want him to die. You must be one of them. I haven’t had a dream about killing him or anything. I do day-dream quite often of what it would be like if i found him…I’m getting this mental picture of him chained to a wall and me holding a whip, railroad spikes, and a sledge hammer…

Also, Osama is kind of the same. I think the perfect punishment for him if we capture him…release him unarmed in the middle of new york on a saturday, but anounce it on the news first…and let the survivors left behind from 9-11 do with him what they will.

Your dream is probably a good sign that you’ll never be a terrorist lol

I also had a dream about Saddam taking refuge in my house, but it was a lot different from yours. In mine, he was actually really nice and friendly, and he told us that he was framed for doing all those evil things by the past three presidents’ administrations (Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr.).

I wonder what that could mean.

I don’t think you’ll get very far looking for a special meaning in a dream like this. Generally dreams are based on whatever topic has occupied your thoughts recently, and it’s been pretty hard to avoid hearing of Saddam these last few months. I wouldn’t think twice about your actions in the dream, either. Usually whatever you do in the dream isn’t even loosely based on your attitude in waking life.

Anyway, welcome to the forum. :smile:

LSkyD I like your idea about Osama, that would be pretty damn funny

Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of “torture” ideas for Osama that are so elaborate and sick, but that’s just so simple, obvious, and well… funny! :smile: