I experienced LD but I want to improve


I am new here and a little bit scared thinking if I am going mad, spending so much time on this and reading etc…

I started LD because it was fun but now I feel like I have to have them. I want to talk to some people, I want to go to some places, I want to understand myself… But when I try hard I can not have LDs. I still do have lots of dreams and I remember them but for some reason during those dreams I don’t even try to make them lucid.

My last LD was 2 weeks ago.

If you feel you could become lucid in some situations, yet you didn’t, it’s because deep down somewhere, you don’t completely want to.
It is often related to the fear of being in control of our lives and actions. I can tell you because I’m in a similar situation.
A thing you can do is treasure your ordinary dreams, and interpret them. They are a great source of wisdom, as they tell us a lot about our true selves, and by understanding them, you’ll learn to understand yourself, and what’s keeping you in place, so it will be much easier to remove that block.
With my best wishes for your Lucid career. :smile:

First off, ditto to absolutely everything tosxy said. There’s just one more thing I’d like to add onto there.

Calm down and take a deep breath. There’s a difference about believing and wanting to have a lucid dream and worrying about lucid dreams. The best advice I can give, and it’s a hard lesson to learn at first, is to tell yourself you will have a lucid dream tonight, and then leave it at that.

And no, spending time on LD4all does not mean you’re going mad. It just means you want LD’s :content:

Thank you for your answers. You may be correct. I was thinking the same: that I am sacred to face some stuff that is why I can not become lucid at all. But then I am thinking OK forget about solving all your problems and lets just have them just to have fun but that is not happenening either. I used to become lucid without knowing what was happening but then when I learned about the subject, I had 3-4 lucid dreams and then it stopped. Maybe I got so exited that instead of giving it some time and being natural, I am just forcing myself to have lucid dreams. It is as if I am trying to jump ahead of myself. I have to be patient and like you say believe that I will have LDs. And hopefully it will happen natuarally like it used to happen.