I fear I am a little too good at LDing :help:

Here’s the thing, I’ve had a LD about once every two weeks for as long as I can remember, but that apparently has a negative side effect: whenever I have a lucid dream, every single little thought that enters my head immediatley takes form in my dreamscape. This means that

  1. My dreamscape is constantly fluxuating from thing to thing, making it a chaotic jumble.

  2. The quests aren’t really challenging, because I only need to imagine myself flying or time traveling or whatever in order to do it.

Any tips?

Hmm… maybe you should imagine taking a pill that will make this more difficult for you in one of your LD.
Not sure, though.

Anyway… many people would envy you, I guess.

to stop things jumping into existence try meditating. or even better ask your self not to make things appear like that. remember it is your dream you are totaly in control. when things seem out of control like that remember that it is you that is dong it.

if normal quests seem too easy why not push it up a level? try shared dreaming, extend your dream time, astral travel or make up your own quest where you have to find something.

try and make it fun and an adventure, trust me there will be things that you wont be able to do.

And try and do a few RT in your dream, you might be surprsied with the results, like for example try that light switch one and look at what the light does, once you have gotten lucid and can do what ever its good to actually take a propper look around.

but odnt freak out, try and talk to someone inside your dream about it you might be surprised :wink:

Make an archrival and give him the same powers as you, time-travel, teleporting, etc. Then have some fun with that.