I felt sleep paralisys

This night i had my second (or should i say first) LD. But i’m not going to talk about that.
I looked up a couple of days ago the term WILD. There i read about the sleep paralisys stage. It’s right before you enter the dream world.
here it goes…
my mind wandered as usual before going to sleep. But i think the strangest thing happened then. I suddenly became concious right when my body enetered sleep paralisys and i could feel that!
Then i saw white. I wanted to change it into another place. I closed my eyes , telling my self that when i open them, it will be another place, but when i did . nothing changed. (i think my mistake was not picturing the next environment).Then i woke up.
My LD was my last dream. It didn’t have anything to do with this. It was a DILD. that’s all i have to say about that. :wink:

congrats :happy:

congrats! i can’t wait to see what sleep paralysis feels like let alone LDing!